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Physical therapy for athletes in Philadelphia

Physical therapy for athletes in Philadelphia

Suppose you have an injury to your elbow or just elbow pain. Then a Range of Motion physical therapy to help betterthe use of your arm would be beneficial to you. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a plan of care to help you return to your previous level of function.

One part of the Physical Therapy program could be elbow range of motion exercises. They’re easy to do, and they can allow you to put your wrist in motion, same with your elbow and shoulder. Typical Physical Therapy Exercise Regimen for Elbow Injuries involves initially gaining Range Of Motion and developing confidence in the current Range Of Motion.

Here is a step-by-step exercise routine that your physiotherapist can recommend to help you increase your elbows range of motion.

Get it to bend: Flexion of the elbow.

Elbow flexion refers to the tendency to fold your elbows. RANGE OF MOTION: To boost the elbow flexion:

  • Stand by your hand on your arm.
  • Bend your wrist, then grab your forearm with your other hand and softly apply tensile stress.
  • Maintain your elbow in a bent position for ten seconds, and then straightening your elbow as you release the stretch.
  • Do this up to ten times.

Straighten It Out: Elbow Extension

To improve your ability to straighten your elbow fully, you must work on elbow extension RANGE OF MOTION exercises. To do this:

  • While resting on a table with your elbow, sit in a chair. Rest your upper arm on a pillow or folded towel for comfort.
  • Straighten your elbow, and put some pressure on your wrist or forearm.
  • Straighten your elbow out with overpressure, and hold the stretch for five to 10 seconds.
  • Allow your elbow to bend a bit.
  • Repeat ten times.
  • Addstretch to your elbow extension.

Turn It Over: Forearm Supination

The tendency to turn your wrist so your palm faces forward is called supination, and this action happens both at your elbow and your wrist joint. To develop your ability to supine your hand, execute the RANGE OF MOTION forearm supination exercise. Elbow physical therapy exercises Philadelphia

To carry out the physical activity:

  • Stand with your hand with your elbow bent at 90 degrees.
  • Hold your elbow next to your side, turn your thumb, and hand over your palm
  • Use the opposite side to add overpressure to the extension to extend below the elbow of your supine arm.
  • Grab your wrist and softly apply overpressure by flipping your hand into supination.
  • Keep the spot for 10 seconds while a stretch is felt.
  • Repeat elbow supination RANGE OF MOTION 10 times.

In the case of a scenario where the activities don’t seem to be evident, be sure to visit Physical therapy for athletes in Philadelphia for more help.


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