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How to apply oud perfume: Tricks to Make Fragrance Last Longer

Oud is one of the most popular yet most expensive ingredients of perfume all over the world. For the longest time it has been used in South Asia as a scent it has a musky edge to it and perfume makers have been using it as a base note while creating their fragrance. Oud perfume is one of the most expensive perfumes in the market oud perfume price in Pakistan are 1.5 times the price of gold,  it is also referred as “liquid gold”.

Here are a few tips on how to apply oud perfumes and the tricks to make it last longer.

Perfumes are considered to be a way one expresses itself.  The daunting task is to choose the fragrance for yourself but one thing to be kept in mind is that you can never go wrong worth the oud perfume fragrance the richness oud possess is justified but the fact that it is used as a base note in most of the perfumes.

Although applying the perfume is the final step in any beauty regiment but count it as the most important step as important as brushing your teeth because the scent you wear tell a lot about you and defiantly if you are wearing an oud scent this will charm people into your aura oud perfumes are one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. Of course there are few tricks and steps that you should follow while applying Oud perfume

How to apply oud perfume and make its fragrance last longer:

Stop rubbing it in your skin:

Some people have the a habit of rubbing perfume in their skin after applying it which is complexly wrong using a perfume such as oud and them rubbing it in your skin is a disgrace to the perfume itself what this does is that the heat produced due to the friction causes the chemical composition of your perfume to change which in turns changes the scent of the perfume.

Spray it on the pulse points:

This point is the one we all hear a lot while purchasing a perfume or reading a guide that pens down the rules on how to apply perfume. As these are are exposed to air and the circulation of blood makes the scent last longer than usual so when you apply you oud perfume do apply it on your pulse points.

Apply the perfume when you get out of shower:

Although people tend to apply perfume when they are done getting ready but you can also apply it once you get out of the shower the reason for this is that when you have freshly taken the shower the pores of your skin are open and when you apply perfume the pores tend to absorb all of the molecules of the scent before closing that way the sent last much longer than it usually does so you have the benefit of not apply it after a while.

Use oud oil with oud perfume:

For any other perfume if not the same then there are matching fragrances in the market like the lotion with the same scent and  people are apply it so that the edge of the fragrance lingers but for the oud perfume it’s better to use the oud oil along with the perfume. Just apply a few droplets of it on the pulse points and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

Put Vaseline on the pulse points before applying perfume:

This might be new and strange but applying Vaseline on the pulse points before you apply perfumes makes it sticks to your scent the chemicals of the Vaseline hold on to the molecule of the perfume longer than normal and the scent of the perfume stays longer.

Apply it on your hair brush:

If you want your hair to smell good spritz it only a few times on your brush and then use it in your hair that way your hair will absorb most of the fragrance and they will smell god this will make not only eh hair smell good but the scent will also last longer.

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