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Natural Hair at Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon 24 Hour Appointment Hotline or Walk-In

Do you want to transition to natural hair but don't know where to begin? Touched by an Angel beauty salon is your answer! Their 24 Hour appointment hotline or walk-in is ready to offer you help at any time.

With the rising trend of embracing your natural hair and feeling comfortable in your skin, people who used to make efforts to relax their hair turn to alternatives. The usual routine of spending hours on hairstyling gets overwhelming at times. If you have been contemplating bringing a change to your hair, now is the time! 

At Touched by an Angel beauty salon, we offer you all the solutions to your hair troubles. Be it transitioning to your natural hair texture or relaxing your hair; we have experience in everything!

We have a straightforward guide that tells you everything you need to know about transitioning to your natural hair.

How to Transition to Natural Hair

Transitioning to natural hair is a long process that requires consistency, patience, and commitment. While it is highly impactful, an iconic big chop is not the only way you can pull off a successful transition. Here is what you need to do and remember while growing your natural hair.

Patience is the Key

Years of relaxation and chemicals can change the dynamics of your hair. It can take months up to a year before your hair is entirely chemical-free. All of it depends on how much you care for your hair during this change and how long it takes for your hair to naturally grow. Set a goal but do not expect your hair to follow your timeline. It will take time, but you will get there. The hairstylists at Touched by an Angel can counsel you on the process, guide you through it, and help keep the frustration at bay. 

Trimming is Inevitable

When you decide to embrace your natural hair texture, know that a bit of cutting here and there is going to be inevitable. We are not talking about a big chop, but trimming your hair strands would promote healthy growth and speed up the growth process. At Touched by an Angel beauty salon, we offer you the necessary cutting that you need!

Figure Out a Natural Hair Care Regime

How you care for your hair while transitioning is a crucial practice. Remember, your natural hair will initially be weak and prone to breaking. We help you find a good moisturizer for your hair that keeps them smooth. Your fragile hair roots need hydration to grow, and our hair care therapy does just that! At Touched by an Angel beauty salon, we also use hair oils to keep the scalp and shafts from drying out. Our hairstylists emphasize regular conditioning and gentle combing.


Transitioning is a slow and often demanding process. Touched by an Angel beauty salon can make your transition to natural hair easier. Our 24-hour appointment hotline or walk-in is at your service whenever you decide to give your natural hair a chance!

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