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Nine Tips to Create Great Family Pictures

Nine Tips to Create Great Family Pictures

Indulging in family photography is a fun and exciting experience. It can be more exciting if you consider a few things to get the best family shots. Thanks to the highly experienced family photographers in St Simons Island, GA, for sharing some great tips with us to get great pictures. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered some useful tips shared by the highly experienced family photographers in St, Simons Island, GA.

  • Use a tripod– Even though you find tripod heavy and cumbersome, it is an essential component for photography, especially in low light. In many situations, you no longer want to hold the camera steady in your hands. In that case, the tripod will assist you perfectly. Stability is one of the key factors behind using the tripod. It provides better stability to the camera by keeping it in a certain position. This way, you can perfectly take family photographs. Plus, you get more time to take shots. The process of setting up the tripod takes time, allowing you to have more time to compose your image. As a result, you get better shots.
  • Shoot in manual mode– if you choose an aperture mode, your camera could select different exposure for each frame. However, if you choose manual mode, you keep the exposure consistent throughout the photoshoot. Simply, each time you change the location and pose, you don’t have to check the exposure. Therefore, always shoot the family photograph in a manual mode.
  • Let’s the children be free– It has been seen that parents telling their children to smile and stand properly while giving the picture. Unfortunately, it can put pressure on the children to perform. Instead, let the children be free. Don’t set any expectations other than just fun. It would be great if you bring some colorful props, toys, books, hand puppets for the kids. So, if the children do not sit and smile, give this stuff to your children and let them have fun. After a few minutes, they may sit and ready to give pictures with fun.
  • Make the perfect use of lighting– Lighting always has a great impact on the photographs. It can simply make and break the photographs. Choose the right time of the day to take perfect shots. Try to take shots when the sun is lower in the sky and you don’t get harsh light overhead. If you don’t want to shot at dusk, look for areas under the large buildings or under large trees. If you need more light on the face, you can add some light using the flash or reflector.
  • Ensure family shows expression– Like lighting and pose, the right expression is another important aspect of the great photograph. The lack of expressions on the face can screw up the photograph. Therefore, make sure the subject gives the right expression to make the picture looks more lively and intriguing.
  • Choose the right locations– Choosing the right location should be the top priority. Try to choose your favorite location where you feel more comfortable and often love to visit on weekends. Simply, choosing the right location make the picture more meaningful. It also helps to tell stories and add aesthetics to the pictures.
  • Look for a new perspective– One of the best ways to give a new dimension to your family photos is to move your position instead of your subject. Try to shoot up from high to low, shoot up with a sky behind, or get a ladder and capture the picture from the above. Likewise, find some more innovative ways to shoot the pictures.
  • Use a drone– Many photographers nowadays are using the drone for a unique perspective. Fly drones overhead and take shots from the above. It is a great way to feature your location and family member too.
  • Everyone at eye level– Try to get everyone at eye level, which means getting the adults to sit on the couch and children to stand. If you have babies, you can lift them high and ensure the kids smile to get the candid shots.

Final thoughts

The moment you capture in the picture will remain with you for the whole life. Ensure you work on every possible aspect and make the picture more beautiful and appreciative. For this, you can also approach professional family photographers and natural light children’s photographers in Jekyll Island, GA.


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