Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro vs Bose QuietComfort 35 II

There are many great headphones available in the market like Bose headphones skullcandy and many more other companies which provide awesome sound quality. 

So in this time we are give you little idea about Bose QuietComfort 35 II and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro which is good for you and if you want to check other great headphones options then you can check best bluetooth headphones under 10000

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

best headphones under 10000


  • Gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • No microphone.
  • 50 MM drivers.
  • 32 Ohms impedance.
  • 1.6 meters long cord.
  • Over-ear headphones
  • Closed-back design.
  • 270 grams of weight.
  • 100 mW maximum power input.

Sound & Bass Quality

This headphone delivers very impressive sound quality, mid and hides are super defined in this headphone.

It has not that much bass compared to other headphones but in this headphone, you listen to the real sound of the music and it depends on you what type of music you listen. 

Some people like and some people don’t but if you know how to use equalizer then you can increase the bass level.

Build Quality

The build quality of this headphone is pretty impressive and the frame made of metal and the back side of ear cups are made from hard plastic.

The downside of the headband is fully covered by cushion and the headphone is very stretchable but earbuds are not that much.

Other Features 

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro comes with the nice black finish with silver ear pads. 

This headphone comes with three variants in 32 Ohms model you will get 1.6 meters cable, in 80 ohms model you will get 3 meters straight cable and in 250 ohms model impedance you will get 250 ohms impedance. 

The wire is 1.6 meters which is too long. The build quality is actually pretty nice and good, the frame is metal making it very difficult to damage.

The headphones do have quite a bit of stretch but the earcups are not very adjustable., you can turn them sideways or rotate them. 

The back of earcups is made up of hardcore plastic, thick enough to keep you comfortable even when you dropping them.

The headband is made up of plastic but you do get a nice rubbery finish under the headband and all the parts of headphones are replaceable. 

They are so comfortable headphones, it’s like your ears are resting on a rubbery pillow.

They are gaming headphones but trust me guys the sound clarity is exceptional and outstanding.

The Mids and highs are super defined. The base is also pretty impressive, powerful but not too much so you get a good feeling of bass heavy songs.


  • Because of closed-back, no chance of sound leakage.
  • Comfortably is outstanding.
  • Sound clarity is so nice.
  • Best headphones under 10000 for gaming purposes.
  • Great build quality.


  • So long cable.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Best headphones under 15000


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1.4-meter cord length
  • Inline remote with mic
  • Over-ear headphone
  • Hard travel carrying case
  • Airline adapter
  • Triple-A battery
  • Battery life 35 hours
  • The headphone cable is 56 inches long
  • The active noise cancellation feature
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 192 gram of weight

The sound quality is very good, this headphone does not give off any distortion in all ranges, the mid and high all level of audio is fully balanced, the vocal is very clear and beats hit clean.

When we talk about Best Over Ear Wireless Headphones Under 300$ Bose QuietComfort 35 II is one of them.

Bass is not that much good but you can still hear it but you won’t feel that much impact.

The build quality looks strong, the top of the headband you get very thin denim material but some amount of cushion also available to not make this headphone feel hard when you pick it up.

The whole headphone body is made from high-quality plastic material except the hinges it’s made from metal. 

The ear cups color is dark grey with bose branding which looks pretty amazing.

These headphones give inline volume control and mic for calling purposes. 

Inside of the box, you get one carrying case which is made from leather material and the front side you get bose branding and the back side you get a neoprene sleeve for storing accessories.

In this headphone, you get active noise cancellation feature or if you want to use active noise cancellation feature you need to use a triple-a battery which is already available in your box. 

But if your battery runs out you want to use active noise cancellation features.

Inside the box, you get one triple-a battery for active noise cancellation, and also you get one flight adapter. 

If we are talking about the best noise cancellation headphones then this is the best headphones under 15000 for noise cancellation headphones.


  • Triple-A battery
  • The active noise cancellation feature
  • Hard leather carrying case
  • 35 hours of battery life
  • Inline remote with mic
  • You get an airline adapter
  • Best noise cancellation headphone under 15000


  • Bass is ok.


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