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Top 5 Modern Farming Methods

Modern Farming Methods

Farming is considered one of the most important occupations to sustain life. Each nation values farmers as agriculture is a prime source of providing and meeting the country’s food needs. It is becoming a widely distributed occupation, and more people are developing a deep liking for this lately. Over time the Internet is flooded with the shortcomings faced by the farmers. They tend to work harder day and night but fail to get the ideal result. 

With the advancement of science, new technologies are introduced to make farming more efficient and easier. These technologies include various machines and techniques that help improve and maintain a higher yield. Modern Farming Methods aim at providing a higher quality yield with minimal or less effort. Let’s look at the top five modern farming methods you can use to generate a high yield. 

Aeroponic Method:

The word Aeroponic is a Greek word meaning aer and ponos. Aeroponic is a cost-effective method of growing crops that illuminates any extra cost spent on irrigation channels. This method focuses on growing plants in an air or mist environment without soil or any growing medium. 

Farmers must carefully check the water level in plants over time to ensure pathogens-free roots. It also saves the plants from getting infected with the disease as plant contact is limited thereby, ensuring overall plant health. You can read more about this method on kkisan

Monoculture Method:

As the name says, Monoculture means raising a single crop within a particular area. When only one crop is grown in a field, this is referred to as the monoculture method, which is different from the traditional way of farming where more than one crop is grown in one area. 

This method makes it easier for farmers to sow, reap, control, and harvest the plants. It also reduces all the extra costs spent on machinery or artificial materials. According to some sources, when only one plant is grown on a field, it records a higher gross margin for nutrients-rich crops. 

Drones Method:

This method has been gaining a lot of popularity and praise as it uses drones (aerial vehicles) to increase crop production and monitor crop growth. This method is efficient for large-scale farming as it makes it easier to manage large plots of land with these drones. 

The farmer can easily get a glance of their field as these drones are equipped with multi-sensors and thermal cameras, which can provide information about the areas that need more water, healthy plants absorbing sunlight, and dry patches on the field. So, this agrimachinery can do wonders for the field. 

Hybrid Seed Technology Method:

A hybrid seed is a cross-pollination method between two or more inbred varieties of plants. The hybrid plant contains one or more favorable traits from both the parent plants and is also resistant to diseases. This method is widely used in commercial farming to increase crop yields. 

This method helps preserve uniformity, improve color, and enhance the taste of fruits and vegetables. So, it ensures farmers’ stability and growth. Lately, this method has been used in urban home gardening, making it more prominent in modern farming methods. 

Aquaponic Method:

Aquaponic is a uniquely designed method that builds a symbiotic relationship between aquaculture(fish) and farming(plants) for fertilization. The use of fish waste to provide essential nutrients for plant growth and plants cleaning the water in return, thereby creating a balanced environment for the development of both. 

This earth-friendly method is getting more popular day by day because of its independence from antibiotics and fertilizers. This also helps in eliminating soil-borne diseases and enhances plant health. Did you know that biofloc fish farming is also gaining popularity as it focuses on the farming of fish in tanks?


These are our top five modern farming methods you can use to enhance your plant growth and productivity. So, I hope you find it useful.

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