Michigan Medical School data leak, patient information was exposed

According to reports, a data leak occurred recently at Michigan Medical School, resulting in the theft of thousands of patient records.

According to reports, the data leak began on December 23, last year, when an employee’s e-mail account at Michigan Medical School was stolen. This account is used by attackers to obtain information and send phishing emails. However, the employee did not notice that the account had been compromised until January 6 of this year, when he reported the incident to the Michigan Medical School’s Technology Department.

Michigan Medical claimed that there was no evidence that the attack was intended to obtain patient health information, but data theft could not be ruled out. At the very least, all emails in this account are considered stolen.

The patient’s name, medical insurance number, address, date of birth, diagnosis and treatment information, and health insurance information are all included in the email. These emails contain job-related communication content that is used to coordinate and care for patients.

Michigan Medical School stated that it had implemented “additional technical support” on the e-mail system and infrastructure to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

“Patient privacy is very important to us and we place a high value on it,” said Jeanne Strickland, chief compliance officer at Michigan Medical School.

In fact, this is not the first time that patient information has been leaked by Michigan Medical School. Between December 1 and January 25, a new employee visited patient records for no reason, according to the Detroit Liberty. This resulted in the loss of information for approximately 269 patients.

Erich is a network security specialist. “Once an attacker gains access to an email account, he will typically use it to spread malware, send fraudulent invoices to customers, request fund transfers, or steal information.”

“Attacks from legitimate accounts are usually very effective,” Erich Kron added, “because when people receive e-mail from within the organization, they automatically generate a sense of trust.”

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