Lead in Cable Installation and Repairs

Are you facing the issue of needing a lead in cable technician for an installation or repair, but your service provider is not offering their own to take care of it? Or they have put you on a waiting list and you have been waiting for some time for help and now you want a faster and easier solution? Or perhaps the NBN cabling is in but you are having problems? For these reasons, it might make sense to take care of the problem yourself by finding and hiring expert technicians in the private sector.

What to look for in Lead in Cable Installation Technician

There are a few qualities to look for in cable technicians you can trust. These include;

  1. Experience – the more experience they have in not just installations but also repairs and problem-solving the quicker they can work out what your issue is and fix it for you! You want technicians who have already seen it all and are not surprised by something and unsure how to proceed.
  2. Licensed and registered – any technician working on your lead in cable installation or fixes should be licensed so that any work is legal and to code and registered with ACMA. This is the best way to ensure the work is done to a high quality every time.
  3. Attention to detail – any decent company should listen to what you have to say and work accordingly paying attention to each detail and making sure the work solves your issue and is the best solution for you and the budget you have.
  4. Treating customers well – always demand high customer service at all times in all dealings from your first call to ask about options, to being on time for meetings and always being honest about the work and costs.

Reasons you might be looking for a private technician

NBN is bringing fast broadband phone and internet service to the country. There is a point where the service provider’s network connects from a pit underground or pole overground to a customer’s NBN equipment, via a lead-in cable. Some service providers put the lead in cable themselves, some will do it but it means waiting, in some cases a long time. A private cable technician that is approved to do so can handle that work. Who might that be?

Has your cable suffered damage and needs repairing?

It is possible that work done on the property has damaged the lead in cable and now you are not getting a good service. Or perhaps the initial installation was not by an expert and now it needs re-examining by a professional in repairing such cables. You might have first called your service provider about the issue but they have told you to contact a private lead in cable technician.

Building a new home or moving into a new build?

If you are having a home built or moving into a new build it is possible the builder will ask you to hire a contractor to handle the lead in cable installation. In which case you should use the above tips to find a private cable technician that is suitable, and who will not get in the way of the home being built.

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