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How to Calculate Life Path & Destiny Numbers?

What is my lucky number? How can I know my lucky number? These questions are often asked by people to find the most fortunate number for their life. As per Numerology, your lucky number can bring luck into your life and help in achieving happiness, success and financial gains.  But, do you know your lucky number is more than what you have thought. 

According to Numerologists, there are various numbers associated with your life such as Life Path Number and Destiny Number. These numerology numbers are core numbers of numerology and are very important in discovering your life purpose, expressing your thoughts and finding what’s in store for you in destiny. 

If you want a substantial improvement in your life, you should understand what Life Path and Destiny Number are and how you can use them for your benefit. Read on to know about these Numerology Number meanings and find a simple and easy way to calculate Life Path and Destiny Number. 

Life Path Number

Life Path number is a single digit derived by summing up the date, month and year of the birth of an individual. It is your lucky number that speaks of your life’s purpose, direction, meaning, goals, challenges and opportunities that you may encounter in the coming time. It allows you to explore your personal interest, inner abilities, attitudes and inherited skills so that you can fulfill the purpose for which you have taken birth on this earth. 

Steps to Calculate Life Path Number

Life Path number is calculated by adding all the numeral values of your full birth date and reducing it to a single number. 

For instances, if your birth date is 25 January 1990, this is how your Life Path Number will be calculated;

Step 1Add your date of birth

2+5= 7

Step 2- Add your month of birth

January i.e 1= 1

Step 3- Add your year of birth

1+9+9+0= 19

Step 4- Add all the above digits

7+1+19= 27

27 is a two-digit number, thus we need to reduce it to a single digit. For this, add the two digits of 27 to get a single digit. 2+7= 9

Thus, your Life Path Number will be 9. 

Don’t want to get into this Mathematics? You may find your Life Path Number using the online Life path Number Calculator. 

Destiny Number

Destiny Number is based on the name of the person. It is a single-digit number that is derived by adding up all the numbers associated with the letters of an individual’s name. As per Numerology, Destiny Number is an expression of your life. It indicates your life’s purpose, the patterns you follow, the way you express feelings, thoughts, and emotions in the path of accomplishing goals. This is the reason, Destiny number is also termed as the “Expression Number”. 

Steps to Calculate Destiny Number

Destiny Number is calculated by summing up all the numbers associated with your full name including first name, middle name and last name. Always make sure the name you select for Destiny number calculation is the name given to your birth. 

For instance, if your name is Demi Gene Moore, this is how your Destiny Number will be calculated based on the numbers associated with each letter of alphabets. 

Step 1- Add the numbers associated with the first name- Demi

4+5+4+9 = 22 

Step 2- Add the numbers associated with the second name- Gene

7+5+5+5 = 22

Step 3- Add the numbers associated with the last name- Moore

4+6+6+9+5 = 30 

Step 4- Add all the above numbers

22+22+30 = 74

Reduce the two-digit number until you get a single digit number; 7+4 = 11; 1+1=2

Hence, your Destiny Number is 2. 

Want an easy way to calculate your Destiny Number? You may know your Destiny Number with one tap Destiny Number Calculator. 

Final Thoughts!

Now,  you know everything about your Life Path and Destiny Number. So, find your lucky number with Tarot Life Numerology Calculator and dig deeper into your Numerology Numbers to discover infinite opportunities coming in your way. 

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