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We know that laptop/pc repair troubles are available in all shapes and sizes. Whatever laptop problem you need to solve, Mobile whizprovides the laptop repairs in Morden service to all home users and business customers and they cover the entire Morden area. Laptops are big machines when everything is working, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and that’s why we need to repair them. When it comes to repairing your computer or laptop, deciding on a pc restore carrier could make or ruin an agreement. There is no shortage of people complaining about their computer being mismanaged by a repair team, and as a result their minor problem turned into a major, irreparable damage. In most cases, this happens when you choose a computer repair provider without doing your homework.

“Mobile Whiz” provides technical and professional support to all of their clients based in Morden or other parts of London. For your convenience they offer door-to-door services and complete all work and maintenance on site.

Laptop Repairs in Morden Near Me

They are repairing computers quickly and the service is at a very high level. Their engineers have many years of experience working with computers and hardware. Excellent service is what they bring every day.

They will repair all laptops within required working days. They understand that the user needs their laptops back very quickly, which is why it looks great. Please keep in mind that some modifications require longer testing times.

Problems May Need to Fix

  •         Reinstallation of window operating system.
  •         Screen replacement of laptop such as LCD/LED.
  •         Laptop trackpad or keyboard repair.
  •         Laptop motherboard reappearance.
  •         Laptop professional cleaning.
  •         Laptop network setup.
  •         Laptop battery timing issues.
  •         Laptop data recovery.
  •         Repairs corrupted software.
  •         Hard drive to increase your laptop’s internal storage and memory performance speed.

laptop repairs in morden

Data Recovery with Repairing

Their absolutely insured, CRT licensed and experienced IT engineers provide on-website pc, laptop, MAC restore, renovation and statistics recuperation services at the identical day in laptop repairs in Morden. Once you have called them to share your computer-related problems with their engineer, one of their experts will arrange for you to have the best time for you. In your spare time, an expert will go to your home or business to analyze the problem to find the right solution to the problem.

Supplying hard power recovery and other data recovery offerings from a huge variety of gadgets such as USB flash drivers, external hard drives and memory playing cards the use of the first class information recovery software strategies and facts recovery hardware to get better deleted files.

Repairing Pricing

“Mobile Whiz” focuses on delivering low-cost IT solutions to Trade, Corporate, Educational, Service Industries and Home users alike. With their team of experts, and a network of trusted and tested partners, they are redesigning and re-validating all aspects of computer hardware. As a commercial customer, you can instantly tell your customer the cost of repairs. So you are in complete control. They run a discount scheme where the more laptops they get the less you repair laptops, contact them for more details. They also offer special discount if you want to replace any part of the laptop. You can get new part with affordable price. A repair is almost always cheaper than a replacement computer.

This company is designed to deliver a safe and secure way to purchase used, updated and certified IT services to the public. They can offer used replacement parts prices that can’t be beat, they guarantee.

However, the fee for resolving this issue depends on many factors.

  •         A computer expert comes to you, this will cost more than bringing your computer to the store. This is  because technology has to combine their fuel time with travel time.
  •         If the damage to your computer is severe and the repair is complicated, expect more payment.
  •         Install updates and clean your computer before installing it. The time when your computer is in the store is expensive, so be sure to install the latest updates to your app before installing your computer.


Many other repair centers tend to guarantee their repair in just 30 days. However, they guarantee all their repairs for three months. This warranty covers the exact same error as the original repair.

They currently repair 1000+ laptop repairs in Morden per month and get positive response from client side. There are cases where operating conditions may cause the error to recur, but they understand that you as their trading customer and they strive to correct all warranties in a timely manner.

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