How to Dispose of Your Old Computer

We all know that nothing lasts forever and that sadly incorporates your high price phone and PCs. While there’s no particular lifespan for these materials (use them well, and they will work well for years and years. If you think that you should just throw the old desktop into the bin, though, think differently! Not only is it bad for the world (electronics include substances like mercury, lead, nickel, and cadmium, which are really dangerous if disposed of wrongly), but if someone tries to save your hard drive and see all the things you’ve been up to over the years, it can also place your protection and privacy at risk. It’s important you should do possible things to destroy things or erase data before you dispose of your Computer. In this blog we have discussed things about desktop decompose and how to dispose of old computer.

Backup your Files

No matter what computer you have, you would definitely want to take all your old data with you when you buy a new one. So, make sure you restore the data to a different external hard drive before you destroy it so that you can re-upload it to the new device. You can not only save your data by doing that you can even save stuff like your settings and your screen, so it’ll be like you never left. 

You have two methods you can do this, broadly speaking, and doing both is never a poor idea:

Log out your accounts

Before you delete everything from your drive, make sure you log out of your all accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. It’s better to clear your browser history. Logging out your account and clearing your history helps you in securing your privacy.

An external device

This is the traditional way, but it goes like an attraction for desktops, Macs, and PCs.

For Windows 7 and up

  1. You have to buy an external hard drive.
  2. Connect your Desktop to it.
  3. After that, you will see a pop-up that will ask you about what you want to do with the device. Click on Backup.
  4. If you don’t see any pop-up, you can choose it manually in your Systems settings, clicking Backup settings, and choosing your new device from the pull-down window.
  5. Change the settings if you wish, then press Switch On to begin the backup process.

Cloud-Based Backup

Backups based on the cloud work for all the computers: Desktop, Mac, and mobile devices. 

  • In case of Iphones Go to Settings look for a back option then you can backup. 
  • Go to Settings for Androids, scroll to the Privacy & Security area, and then tap Backup & Reset. Ensure that you have arranged a backup plan, then switch on My Backup Files.
  • For computers and Mac, you will first need to find a cloud-based service you believe in and then pay for the right to save your backups there. For a complete look at your choices.


The first question you want to consider whether your computer has seen better days is if you still want to replace it, or whether you want to update it. The best thing about computers is that all of their components can be updated over time, so think about putting down a few hundred bucks on a different hard disc, graphics card, or CPU before you dump the entire thing out: it’ll save you time and stress.

Of course, you will have to get rid of your old components either way. Without placing your data at risk, most materials can be easily recycled: the only exception is the hard disc, which is where all your personal data is collected. Two good ways to work with the hard drive are here…

Destroy It

The correct thing to do is just delete it completely if you don’t want to resell the hard drive (which is a safe idea). Using a hammer to smash it, drill in it with a few holes, literally break it up. It could be easy to just dump it in the water, except that way, details will still be retrieved from a ruined hard drive: you really have to smash it up to make sure it’s useless.

Wipe it

But you can scrub it clean if you really want the hard drive in one piece, either to sell it back or just give it to a friend: even if you really believe the guy to whom you are giving it. Wiping a hard drive takes more than just dragging it to the recycle bin on your screen, though: you have to use special tools to make sure the files are 100 percent unusable. Luckily, you have a lot of free choices out there just download and follow the directions for the right tool.

You can easily recycle or donate your components or whole desktop until you have either ruined or cleaned your hard disc. However don’t simply dump them in your recycle bin: you’ll need to find a nearby recycling centre and manually carry them over. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever before to find the local recycle locations.


In this article, we have discussed all the things you should keep in mind before you are planning to dispose of your old computer. It’s very important to delete and copy your old data from your old computer. Follow all the steps mentioned and you can dispose of your Pc with no tension. There are many ways to retrieve old data from the damaged hard disk. We have also mentioned information about what you should do with your hard drive. There are several hardware and software that can be reused therefore it is better to check which would be reused by you. In case you want more information regarding old computer disposal you can take help from our best technicians.

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