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How To Select The Right Hair System For Men

Baldness is an affliction that affects many men beginning as early as 25 years of age. It is difficult to overcome, because of a severe decline in self-esteem, and the expensive surgical methods might be too intimidating.

There is the option of a non-surgical hair transplant which involves creating a custom hairpiece system that conceals their baldness while keeping other factors in mind. If you are successful in choosing the right hair system, you can attain a look that is as smooth and seamless as your original look.

The whole process of getting a hair system involves many factors, which may get a little overwhelming. To make this process easier, we shall discuss a few tips and aspects to keep in mind while choosing the right hair system for men.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Hair System

1. Budget

The budget is the first thing you need to determine before diving into the other specifics of choosing the right hair system for men. Since stock hairpieces are made in bulk, they are cheaper than custom pieces.

A stylist specifically designs custom hair systems for the client. You can control the hair colour, texture and hair type. Talk to hair experts to figure out your options within the budget you can spend on the hairpiece and then move forward to exploring those options.

2. Securing Method

Depending on the duration, hairpieces can be secured using adhesive, glue or even tape. For a temporary hair system, tape or clips are used to bond them to your existing hair.

They are easy to put on and much more convenient and comfortable as compared to the other options. A semi-permanent method involves glueing the hairpieces so that you can wear it for a more extended period without having to remove it. Permanent hairpieces are secured with adhesive so that they last for a long time.

3. Environment and Lifestyle

Factors such as your neighbouring environment, weather, humidity, and lifestyle play an important role in choosing an ideal hairpiece system. To find a hairpiece that integrates seamlessly with original hair, you have to evaluate your lifestyle and living conditions and then consult an expert on the available choices.

Take the time required for the maintenance practices of hair systems for men into consideration and choose one that might work with your current lifestyle.

These procedures are slightly complicated, and thus, a hairpiece systems expert will be your best guide while you venture into this unknown territory. You must consult multiple salons and research your options thoroughly before settling for any method or salon.

Top-rated hair salons might cost you more, but opting for these options will help you get the best results with minimal complications.


Choose a hair system that completely suits your needs instead of settling for one based on its looks. A capable hairstylist in a good salon will help you throughout the journey while making choices from the available options and finding the best combination for you.

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