How to prepare for Salesforce certification exams

Salesforce is an American cloud-based company. Salesforce certifications have helped thousands of people to improve their skill set and resume. Here, we read about why one should invest money and resources in obtaining salesforce certification and briefly explain the various advantages of taking up this course. The course will also encompass tips and short and easy methods to crack the examinations and score well.

What are the available Salesforce certifications?

There are numerous salesforce training courses available online for people to learn from and pursue. Aspiring learners can choose their preferred course from the following list containing 32 Salesforce training courses –

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
  • Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect
  • Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect
  • Salesforce Certified System Architect
  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Non-profit Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
  • Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant
  • Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator
  • Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer

To choose from this wide-ranging list of courses depends on the person’s interests, skills, job, and preferences. If you are a beginner, it is required to start from the Salesforce admin certification course. This course would help you cover all your basic concepts and skills essential to complete the advanced courses. 

Are salesforce certification exams free?

Every salesforce certification course is available for a certain fee. Salesforce certification costs vary according to the course chosen. The beginner courses, generally, would be less expensive than the advanced courses. The course’s costs can range from $200 to even $6000 although, the Salesforce certified technical architect is the only course worth $6000. Courses like the salesforce administrative course or the salesforce developer course would be comparatively cheaper. If you fail the examination in the first try, you can get re-take the examination at half- prices. The total duration of the exam is 100 minutes. There are a total of 65 questions in the entire paper.

How can I prepare for salesforce certification courses?

There are various training modules and exam guides available to study and prepare from. Some of the most prominent guides and modules are given below –

  • Trailhead trails and modules – Trailhead provides various notes and guides to help you prepare for the certification courses. Salesforce itself has created trailhead materials and thus, carry a certain degree of authenticity. The material is divided into various modules in an easy-to-understand language and self-paced tutorials. Trailhead modules are created for free learning. You receive specific merits and badges upon completing a module, which makes learning seem exciting and fun.
  • Salesforce official documentation – Salesforce official documentation is the original resource material published by Salesforce itself. The material contains numerous tutorials, announcements, tips to crack the paper, and other useful notes and papers. The Salesforce Trailblazer community is also published alongside the official documentation. The Salesforce Trailblazer community contains resources like question-and-answer type preparatory materials, guides, and discussions. 
  • Focus on the force – Focus on force contains video exams and guides to help you prepare for the salesforce certification courses. This resource material also includes anecdotes and advice from professionals who have already passed the time. This material, however, is not free. One has to pay a certain fee to access resource materials. 
  • Online blogs – Online blogs provide the cheapest way to prepare for Salesforce examinations. These blogs are written by people who have passed the test already or experienced in the course matter and the relative field. One should, however, be aware of the authenticity of the suggestions provided in these online blogs. Most of these blogs are not certified by any authority and may not be the most reliable information sources. 
  • Quizlet – Quizlet can prove to be a very efficient mode of learning of salesforce certification courses if you can relate to their teaching methods. Quizlet prepares students for exams with flashcards, which often proves quite an effective strategy to memorize basic concepts. You can also take free tests to determine your level of understanding of the course.
  • Practical implementation – Arguably, the most efficient way is the practical application of all the concepts that you have theoretically learnt. Once you have applied the learned concepts in the real world, you understand them better and gain work experience in that field. 

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