You who have decided to be an expert in forklift driving, you must bear in mind that it is not the same as driving a car. Being in command of this machinery implies a lot of responsibility since in it you can transport loads between 1 Tn and 30 Tn.

Also, you should consider that most forklifts are operated from their rear tires, which affects their center of gravity. But by placing the load it will allow that when the machine turns, it is easier since there is a counterweight and it balances the equipment.

Keys to consider when operating a forklift:

  • Make sure the machine is in good condition. It must not present damage to the hydraulic mechanisms and the tires must function properly.
  • When operating the forklift you must have a head protector. This is built in relation to the weight and type of material you will be working with.
  • You must know the characteristics of the object you are going to load: its shape and size. That way, you will know which wheelbarrow is more suitable according to its width.
  • To drive the forklift, start it with the key and press the start button. Then you can move the forks with controls inside the equipment.
  • Verify that the place of travel is safe. Avoid accidents by supervising that the area is clear, not slippery or in poor condition.
  • Combustion trucks should not be used indoors without adequate ventilation.
  • If you are driving behind another forklift, a minimum distance of 4m must be maintained between the two vehicles.
  • When transporting the load, it should be 10 or 15cm above the ground level since if the load is close to the ground, the possibility of overturning the forklift or it would fall is reduced.

Before frequently driving the forklift, you have to practice in an open area. This way you will become more familiar with how it works.

Remember that when parking the forklift, the forklift must be completely on the ground once its work is finished.

Now that you know the points you must take into account to be an expert forklift driver, we hope you put it into practice.

Also if you have any questions or need advice, leave us a comment and we will contact you.

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