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Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Which Is Better?

Since the first model of vacuum cleaner was invented by the engineer Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901, they have been evolving, both in their operation and in their appearance. They have evolved so much that they have gone from being bag vacuum cleaners to being robots that vacuum without the need for you to be aware. It is enough to be programmed and they work.

But the biggest confusion among buyers appears when choosing between a bagged or bag less vacuum cleaner, because which is better? Well, which one is better depends on a series of attributes that differentiate them and that we are going to explain to you so that you have no doubts when choosing yours.

Difference between begged and bagless:

The first difference we find between a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner is in how each one collects dirt. Bagged vacuums are easy to clean, as you simply dispose of the bag when it is full. With the bagless vacuum, it can be a bit more sloppy if you wait for the bin to be full. For this reason, many people decide to clean them daily.

Another difference we found is the duration of the efficacy. While in bag vacuum cleaners the efficiency diminishes as the bag fills up, in bagless vacuum cleaners it is the filters that are going to suffer. Because of this, bagged vacuum cleaners are again at maximum efficiency when it is changed after three to four weeks, while bagless vacuum cleaners lose it during the six months that the pre-filters take approximately to fail. Here is the another choice you might be interested in.

A third consideration to take into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner is allergies and pets. In both cases, bagged vacuum cleaners are the best option. This is because, for allergies, there are special bags to trap allergens and they do not escape when you remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner. Regarding pets, the bagged vacuum cleaner has the advantage that the hairs go directly into the bag, while in bagless vacuum cleaners they remain attached to the pre-filters, causing the efficiency to drop considerably.

Finally, the latest in bagless vacuum cleaners are irobot roomba. Its water filter removes mites, dust and pollen. Just throw the water away to get rid of all dirt.

Don’t let dirt stay in your house. Choose well.

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