Is it necessary to hire a graphic designer for social media marketing?

About 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. In fact, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being produced daily and this number is expected to grow exponentially by 2020. This means that it’s getting harder to streamline the marketing process, especially when it comes to social media.

If you’re like most business owners, you probably think of graphic design as an expensive service reserved for corporate clients with bigger budgets than yours. The truth is, there are tons of affordable options available online and many of these websites don’t

Because of this rapid growth in data, brands are having a hard time keeping up with the demands that social media marketing has on a brand. Companies must use social media to communicate with their clients and potential clients, stay relevant, compete for their share of voice, etc. The list goes on and on.

So what does this mean for the graphic designer?

It means that the graphic designer has become an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy- especially when it comes to social media marketing.

The graphic designer is the one who will be in charge of creating well designed and relevant graphics to accompany a company’s posts across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Graphic designers can also help create images for ads that companies like Google Adwords run- again mostly for social media. For instance, check out these awesome ads created by social media marketers.

Whoever is in charge of creating these ads has to have tremendous design skills, creativity and the ability to translate complicated messages into graphics that are easy for users to understand.

Let’s look at some numbers:

According to Social Media Today, there are more than 1 billion social media users. Out of those 1 billion people, 500 million are active on Facebook every day. Now think about all the brands you follow online. How many do you follow? Do you see what I mean?

As already mentioned, Google Adwords receives millions of dollars every year making it one of the best venues for companies who want their ads seen by as many people as possible. So how does this affect graphic designers?

It means that graphic designers can capitalize on this revenue by creating graphics that can be used as ads.

Graphic designers also play a role in the process of search engine optimization (SEO). When you type a keyword into Google Search, it should bring back results related to your query. Finding individually a good graphic designer will be difficult. Instead, try to find an unlimited graphic design company that can provide you with good graphics services. In this way, you can make a good impression on your users.


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