Get Good Semi-Permanent Accommodation in PG

For students and those working out of their hometown them one of the biggest challenges that they face is to find a semi-permanent accommodation, till the finalization of their degree or transfer of job. Flats are not a good option as the charges are high, and in hostels seldom do you get good food, and a hygienic environment. So, like the lender of the last resort, the only option that is left with you is to choose a PG. Paying guests are more affordable, flexible, and spacious, and clean. Plus, you get a good homily food cooked. In many metro cities like Pune and Mumbai, the approximate rent that you may have to pay is INR 10,000. 

Close to Workplace

In PG in Pune, the owners are very friendly and nice. Also, it gives the students and office going people a great opportunity to develop their network. And increase knowledge regarding new openings and ways to excel in college and interviews etc. One of the best parts about the PG is that it is present at every corner of the city. But you may not find hostels and flats closer to your college and workplace. And also you don’t find the same at a reasonable price. 

World-Class Amenities

Next, the best part that you will know about the PG in Sholinganallur for gents is that they have great amenities for the students. You will get world-class amenities like AC, refrigerator, washing machine, CCTV camera, 24/7 guard, TV, Wi-Fi, water purifier, parking spaces, etc. Next, the best part is the food. They provide hygienic and good food to the students. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the groceries or cleaning, because they have staff to clean the same. The only thing is that there are certain rules like limited visitors and no female/ male friends in the space.

No Need for Repairs & Maintenance

And another best thing that you will know about the PGs is that there is no tension that you have to take regarding the repairs and maintenance of the PG. If there is any kind of damage in the bathroom or kitchen area then you can simply ask the landlord to repair the same. You won’t be charged for anything, in case if you do the damage then you will have to compensate for the same. Also, you cannot use any such kind of electronic gadgets which can harm the power supply or disturb the power or voltage of the PG or cause any kind of short-circuits.

Limited Usage of Supplies

And you have to keep in mind to use limited water and electricity in the PG. Some PGs have the rule where you will have to pay the electric bill. They also provide security and medical assistance in case of emergency. Homily environment can be seldom found in the PG, but there are many PGs like those in Pune in which you will find a good environment, social interactions and resting space and parking space, etc. Also, there is a kind of disciplined life in a PG, which otherwise you will not find in a flat, except in a hostel. 


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