Marijuana Gardening as a Quarantine Hobby

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic and subsequent quarantine, many people have been stuck at home indefinitely. In an attempt to find new ways to keep busy during this time, we’ve seen people doing numerous activities to keep the boredom at bay, such as participating in TikTok trends, Netflix binges, and even making bread.

But have you considered marijuana gardening?

With marijuana becoming legal in many countries as well as several states across the US, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis farms have become more prominent. On an even smaller scale, people have been taking up marijuana growing as a hobby. There are a number of reasons to consider starting a marijuana garden, such as its ability to relax the mind without smoking, but there are far more beneficial qualities than people realize.

Like bread making, marijuana gardening is a tactile activity that can help alleviate stress. It allows you to focus your attention on a task and stay present in the moment. In fact, horticultural therapy has been known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve attention, interrupt symptoms of anxiety, lower cortisol, lower BMI, and increase overall life satisfaction and quality of life. (Source: Healthline)

Give yourself a sense of purpose.

This can be a beneficial way to spend time for those with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, as many people find that working with your hands can be peaceful. Additionally, it can make the days go by smoother until quarantine is lifted. You spend your time with the plant as you initially bury it, water it, ensure it receives sunlight, grows, and eventually blossoms. Watching this evolution can be a surprisingly rewarding process, and there is a pride that comes from having put your time, energy, into successfully caring for another living thing.

If you live in a large city like New York, where space can be limited, you may think that gardening isn’t for you. Fortunately, anyone with any kind of space can be a botanist. Whether you have a large backyard, a small terrace, or even a tiny apartment window, you can set up a space for your marijuana plant to grow. All set ups, regardless of size, need the same basic components: soil, water, and light. Most of these components you already have in your home, or can fit into a small space after a few online purchases. MarijuanaSeeds Australia has tutorials on how to grow marijuana into a full adult from a seed with step-by-step instructions so anyone can do it. They also offer an e-commerce shop where you can purchase your first seeds.

Tip: If you already have a backyard kitchen garden growing – or were planning on growing one – this could make a wonderful addition to your spice area.

Growing marijuana has many similar elements as traditional gardening. If you have experience with growing vegetables or herbs, you should have no problem growing this herb too. But unlike more conventional backyard gardens, you get to smoke anything you grow! This is a great hobby to start while you have the extra time, that could be a benefit to you long after quarantine is over.

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