Effective ways for searching CA Articleship Vacancies

CA students have a tough time searching for articleship vacancies. CA articleship vacancies in India are mostly available through referrals and therefore, the process becomes even more tedious and outright confusing for most of the students. Clearing CA exams in itself is a humungous task and then struggling to find a vacancy for articleship makes it even more challenging. However, getting an articleship through referrals is not the only way out and there are other ways too to get the job done. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the effective ways for searching for CA articleship vacancies.

Effective Ways to Search for CA Articleship Vacancies

1. Referrals

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot o vacancies that get filled up through referrals. A large number of CA articleship vacancies in India are offered through referrals only. Employee referrals are the easiest way to get an articleship as employees are the first point of contact and they get to know about any forthcoming vacancies beforehand.

If you can get a referral pushed through an employee, then there are high chances that your application reaches directly to the human resources department and hence, increasing the probability of you getting selected. Hence, if you are planning to get your articleship through referral mode, then it is recommended that you get in touch with an employee of a good company. Sending direct mails or contacting them personally through professional platforms like LinkedIn could also help. 

Sending a referral through a client of the firm also helps the cause. Clients are of utmost importance to these firms and hence, it will be very hard for the firm to reject your application if it has merits.

2. Through ICAI Articleship Placement Portal

ICAI has created a placement portal to help CA Students in finding CA Articleship Vacancies. This portal can also be used by the CA Firms to connect with the prospective CA Students. Students have to upload their CV on the ICAI Articleship Placement Portal. Subject to the merit and suitability of the candidate for the firm, the CA Firm will directly contact the candidate.

However, you cannot know which CA firm will choose you or the firms you are applying for as the website does not have a list of hiring firms. Once a firm selects your application based on its own selection criteria, you will be contacted directly by the CA firm.

3. Applying directly to the CA Firm

This is one of the old-school ways to apply for CA articleship vacancies. You have to prepare a good resume which clearly depicts your work and merits. You will then have to send this resume to all the CA firms that you aspire to work for asking if they have a vacancy at their firm. You will have to learn the art of great email writing and resume building. If the firm finds your resume appealing and has a vacancy that suits your talent, it might call you for an interview.

4. Online Portals

In the modern age of digitization, it is not hard to find a vacancy for CA articleship online. There are some great online portals and forums wherein Articleship Vacancies are posted. You can make a profile on these portals or join the forums become an active member there. It is all a part of active community building to get noticed by the potential recruiter. You will have to keep personal track of the vacancies being posted in these forums as some of the forums do not a have a specific section for vacancies and they are just part of the discussion feed. Alternatively, you can track frequent articileship vacancies on the official website of leading CA firms like Dewan P. N. Chopra & Co. and apply via email or online career portal for the same.


Hence, referrals are not the only way to find a vacancy for CA articleship. There are a lot of other great options. You just have to build a great resume and post it on the different online media to get noticed. Even if you are going through the referral route, try contacting an employee who is ranked higher at a firm or try getting your referral pushed through an existing client of the firm.

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