Dubai School Admission Process : The Things You Must Keep in Mind

The compulsory education in the UAE starts right from grade one. The academic year begins from September and lasts till June. However you have to keep in mind school admission in dubai that Indian, Japanese as well as Pakistani curriculum schools have their academic year beginning in the month of April which continues till the month of March next year.

There are many private schools in UAE and as a parent you must be very cautious about the one that you choose for your little one’s school admission in dubai.

KHDA helps you to identify the potential schools for your little kid and later decide upon them through their online directory. A parent can easily browse all the schools from UAE and also use various kinds of filters to choose the school that will cater to their specific needs. The schools could be chosen as per curriculum, location, fee range as well as performance. There is an app of KHDA which you could download on your smartphone and track it with a few clicks in the comfort of your living room and get all the information that you need to know about the school of your baby.

Choosing the Right School for your Kid

The decision of choosing the right school is encouraged through gaining as much information as possible about a particular school before a parent is wanting to apply for the admission of the child. There are certain important areas that a parent should look out for before they have decided to enroll the child in a particular school. 

Deciding by Choosing the Curriculum

A curriculum is not only textbooks and examinations but it goes way beyond these two things. It refers to each and every aspect the school focuses on, like teachers and spheres which includes not only subjects but also activities, inside as well as outside the 4 walls of the classroom. Curriculum also includes other extra curricular activities which includes school trips and visitations to the other schools as well as visitors who come to the school, to impart knowledge and education to the students. In top schools like the Global Indian International School, they understand this and so, each curriculum is different and so is their approach towards learning and that has to be understood by a parent before deciding on a particular curriculum, even though the Online school has to be reviewed.

All the curriculums that are available in Dubai schools lead to public examination and which gives good qualifications which a student can use in the future. Decisions should be made in accordance with this fact that whatever examination the child is going to sit for, the marks will matter in the future. As a parent you will be the best judge of your child’s capabilities and that is the reason it is imperative for you to choose a board that will be the best for your child capabilities. The future requirement of the universities and further education either inside the UAE or even abroad should be taken into consideration while making the decision.

Moreover, if you are coming from abroad then the selection of the curriculum should always depend upon the country of your origin because you will always want your child to integrate back into the home countries culture and educational system if not immediately, then at least in the future.

A whopping choice of 17 kinds of different curriculum are offered in Dubai’s private schools and as a parent you could search each school in the directory and find out which one will be the most suitable for your little one.

Deciding by the Education Quality that Is Imparted to a Student

The outcomes of learning as well as annual performance of each school is very important before a parent makes a decision of choosing the school. The annual inspection reports of DSIB ensures that the parents have a detailed look at these performance oriented reports of the schools and every other aspect of the educational institutions in detail is gathered beforehand.

Deciding by The Environment the School Provided to the Students

A child spends a lot of time in school and that is the reason all the aspects of school have a very deep impact on their personality as well as social development traits. When a parent is going to take a decision, before finalising anything, a tour of the school should be arranged where discussions with the administrators, students as well as the teachers are done and where the school could be seen in action, even the Online school structure is also to be seen. So schools such as the Global Indian international School stand in the forefront in this regard. 

One is the Largest Variety of Schools Available

When you have to make the decision of your choice, Dubai gives you one of the widest variety of schools and curriculum that are available. Just you have to choose the one that is going to be suitable for your child’s and your family’s needs and which will cater to the educational specificities as well as the cultural requirements of your family, along with the future prospect of your little one. 


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