5 Factors to Consider When Buying Used Clothing

You have always dreamt of wearing specific clothing which unfortunately is beyond your budget. Don’t worry. 

You can turn this dream into a reality by checking through an online pre-used clothing store. Here, you’ll get your dream clothing at a fraction of the original retail price. Amazing, right? 

Here are the factors to consider when buying used clothing

  • Get Comfortable 

When shopping for secondhand clothes, you should be on a mission. Be prepared to shop and try on clothes very efficiently. 

For instance, you can wear slip-on shoes with socks. It makes it easier for you to try the clothing with your shoes on. That’s if putting your bare feet on the dressing room floor grosses you out. 

Further, wear a dress that you can easily pull on and off. That way you’ll save time in the dressing room. In simple terms, dress like you’ll be undressing…a lot. 

  • Know Your Wardrobe 

We tend to be attracted to similar items. For instance, out of 20 sweaters in your wardrobe, a majority will be in your favorite color or design. 

Let’s say your favorite color is pink. 

So when shopping for a sweater and you come across a pink one, chances are, you’ll pick it. However, if you know your wardrobe, you’ll place it back as you don’t want more of the pink sweaters. 

Is there any favorite color, but you don’t wear it often? For instance, let’s say you love the color blue but you don’t wear it often. Then, don’t buy blue clothing as you’ll not enjoy wearing it. 

  • Know Your Body 

We are not all the same. Some clothes will flatter us depending on our bodies. 

For instance, let’s say you are pear-shaped thus your largest body part is the hips. Buy clothing that adds dimension to your chest and shoulders through a ruffle. The cloth should clinch in your waist and have plain bottoms. 

Make sure you know your body measurements before buying pre-used clothing. Here’s what you should know: 

  • The color that matches your skin tone 
  • Measure your waist, bust, hips, and inseam. 
  • Your body shape
  • Know What You’re Looking For 

Before you go shopping for secondhand clothes, have a game plan. 

For instance, what are the gaps in your wardrobe? Do you need tank tops for summer? Or maybe you need some pairs of jeans. 

Write what’s lacking or inadequate in your wardrobe. Focus on buying these items. 

If you follow your list, chances are, you’ll buy something you’ll love wearing. 

  • Try The Clothing 

A garment same size from different manufacturers may fit completely differently to your body. Further, the clothing sizes used 10 years ago are different from the ones in use today. Well, that’s because of regular washing. 

So, why not try them before leaving the store. That’s the only way to be sure that the clothing fits. Check out every angle in the mirror from the arms, front, back, top or bottom. 


Buying secondhand clothing saves your money without compromising on quality. Take your time to try the garment and ensure it fits and complements your body shape. 



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