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Different Styles Of Kurtis The Ethnic Fashion Unplugged

This guest post is about popular styles of kurtis. It gives information about popular styles of kurtis.

Kurtis is the most demanding Indian dress. You can wear both casual or formal kurtis. There are different categories of designs found in kurtis. The best part is you can choose a style or design as per your preference and body shape.

Be it college, job, formal gathering or party, there are varieties of kurtis available for every occasion.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the top most popular styles of kurtis.

Trendy Frock Kurtis

One of the most demanding styles of kurtis these days is the frock style. It is a perfect choice for young women who want to carry something fashionable and stylish. Frock style kurtis are of different fabrics and colours. You can wear simple accessories with it and tight leggings.

A-line Kurti

The most well-known and preferred kurtis is the A-line one. It is the type of style that looks good on women of all ages. You can wear almost any type of bottoms with an A-line kurti. To complete the look light and chic accessories are perfect. Any type of figure shape looks good in A-line kurti.

Ethnic Anarkali Kurti

Nothing ab goes wrong with an Anarkali suit. It is the most famous style in ethnic wear. No matter what your body shape is, Anarkali will surely suit you. Especially pear, apple and hourglass-shaped ladies would look great in Anarkali suits. You can wear Anarkali suits at any festival, wedding and even at formal functions. You can join us to know about the latest anarkali designs.

To go with anarkali suits, wear ethnic shoes, jhumkas and carry a clutch. You can find Anarkali suit sets online from various reliable designer clothing sites.

Chic Trail-cut Kurti

One of the trendiest styles for kurtis is the trail-cut kurti. It is best for night functions, mehndi ceremonies, casual parties and even office parties. You can wear them as a dress without any bottom. The best part is that trail-cut kurtis look very attractive even with simple jewellery. Slim figure women can wear trail-cut kurtis with any kind of bottom.

Flared Style Kurtis

Flared kurtis are a hot favourite for any occasion and party. You can choose a long flared kurtis and pair it with tight leggings for a contemporary look. You can also wear flared kurtis as a smart dress. Flared kurtis are good for both casual and formal times. Simple and smart accessories look fabulous with flared kurtis.

Traditional angrakha kurtis

If you love that ethnic look, you will love angrakha kurtis. You can wear angrakha style kurtis to your office as formal wear as well as to casual places. There are different types of fabric choices available for angrakha kurtis. The most demanding are the cotton and chiffon ones. Apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass-shaped women look great in angrakha. To get a classy look, wear angrakha with sleek accessories and carry a beautiful clutch.

Indo-western gown style kurtis

Everyone loves gown style dresses these days. That is why gown kurtis are so popular among women. You can wear an ethnic gown kurtis to any traditional occasion such as wedding party, anniversaries, office parties and others. The entire attire with a gown kurtis makes a statement and you can stand out.

But this type of kurti is not for petite women because it will make them look short. Tall figures should wear a floor-length gown style kurtis. Whenever you are buying kurtis online, make sure you know about its fabric and pick the right size. The fittings always matter which is why the size should be appropriate.

Apart from that, you must buy kurtis from the best designer store or from the well-known brands that have the latest collection.

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