December 2020 Core update shakes up the SEO world

Every new major core update Google rolls out makes a lot of news. Some SEOs spam forums in anxiety as they see their rankings destabilize and fall. Others rejoice as their months of hard work is rewarded by Google with a straight jump in rankings and traffic.

The hoopla around major updates only underlines the importance of SEO in modern day marketing. Companies depend on SEO traffic to drive a large part of their business. It is their main medium to raise awareness, sell products, generate leads, and meet a bunch of other common goals.

So what is the new December 2020 Core update all about?

The December 2020 Core Update

Google announced the rollout of its new core update on December 3, 2020.

This was the first time Google is rolling out a new core update since May of this year. These updates are generally meant to improve the general search experience of end users.

After the May update which saw a complete shakeup in rankings and traffic numbers, SEOs naturally braced for impact. In hindsight, they were right to expect major shifts.

Most SEO forums have lit up with professionals either celebrating their higher rankings or asking for help because of a major rankings drop.

We are still in the early days of the update though. The May update took nearly two weeks to completely rollout. There is no reason this update wouldn’t take as much time to completely rollout.

How to recover from low rankings?

Those who’ve emerged with high rankings and better traffic don’t obviously need any tips right now.

However, those left in the dust can use some guidance.

The following points provide some tips on dealing with broad core updates-

  • Diversify traffic points – If your entire source of traffic is basically a few landing pages, you will always be in a vulnerable position. Losing ranking on one page will naturally mean losing most of your traffic. It is thus wise to diversify and trying working on ranking multiple pages. You can always come up with great blog topics to rank for. This will ensure a single update cannot destabilize your entire traffic.
  • Multiple traffic channels – Every time a core update comes out, search traffic is bound to get disturbed. However, you can always cover for these dips if your traffic game on other channels is strong. Create traffic magnets through email, social media, video marketing, and any other channel to cover for any potential loss after a new update.
  • Follow the guidelines – This sounds simple, but many don’t do it. SEO is not just an exercise in getting higher rankings. It is also fundamentally about providing end users a better content experience. Write good content and you’ll pass through post search updates without a hitch.

In conclusion

This piece provides an overview on the new December 2020 Core update. Readers can naturally learn more through Google’s official channels and prepare their websites accordingly.

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