A2 Protein- The Original Protein

Are you aware that there are different types of milk proteins and they change with time? Originally, the protein in milk was A2 protein and thousands of years ago cows exclusively produced milk containing this protein. However, about 5000 years ago, a new protein variant known as A1 protein was developed due to natural mutation of cows.

In today’s date, cows produce both A1 & A2 types of protein wherein around one third of cows produce only A1 protein and another one third produce only A2 protein and the remaining ratio produce a mix of both A1 & A2 protein cow milk. Cows produce A2 milk naturally. They are not given any external hormones or medicine to produce milk containing A2 protein or A1 free milk. It depends upon the genetics of cows just like their skin color, eye color, height etc. Although, there are a certain breed of cows that produces only A2 milk and majority of them are originated in India.

Why A2 protein cow milk is better?

A2 Milk protein is easier to digest as compared to the A1 protein cow milk and helps people to avoid issues related to stomach discomfort. The facts have also been found and approved in published research. Besides, the A2 milk has similar nutrition value and as creamy and delicious in flavor as the regular dairy milk. It’s great and healthy to start your day with a glass full of A2 Cow Milk ensuring your body is nourished with all the required nutrients and energy.

Science related to the A2 protein benefits

If you are continuously diagnosed with lactose intolerance causing health issues such as weak digestion, stomach upset and acidity, it may be related to consuming proteins in your current milk products. Consult your doctor for the right medicine and steadily switch your dairy habits towards consuming A2 cow milk and related products as it may help in alleviating lactose intolerance and issues related to stomach discomfort.

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