Best Virtual Staging Software And Apps For Real Estate Agents

This article will help you in showcasing your skills and proficiency. In this modern era, the world is converted into a global village. Each and every facility is available at your fingerprint; you need to have an authentic App.  For example, you are a real estate agent, you must know about Apps and Software to stage your business and idea before your customers.

The severe wave of the pandemic has affected the world badly. Therefore, the real estate business is not growing as faster as it should be. The reason for this collapse is that you cannot stage a house, plot, or rental property traditionally. So, real estate agents then felt the need for Apps and software for staging their properties.

Consequently, the agents turned their heads to using some convenient and cheaper ways to smooth their dealings. Here, we will discuss some of them.

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Best virtual staging software 2021

There are many staging software and Apps; however, some of them are discussed below:


It increases the interest of buyers in your property. BoxBrownei helps you to sell your property 75% faster. Furthermore, it does not need hard work; just give the photos of your property, and the boxbrownie will do the rest. It also enhances the value of your property by creating attractive copywriting.


Visualstager is a staging software that let you do styling. It enables you to upload photos of your house, room, and office building. The software also allows you to decorate your uploaded home with 4000 available furniture items.

 For example, you have an office building in Taj residencia or Park view city, and you want to sell it. Simply capture some pictures from different angles and make a deal with the visualstager. There are more than 80% chances of attracting your proposed customers.   

VHT studios

It helps you sell your property faster than doing with a traditional way of staging. VHT studios work similarly as other software mentioned above do. It offers you the best service of decorating your provided photos so skillfully that they could draw the attention of any customer. It assures you to sell your property faster.

Virtually staging properties

Though it is considered the most expensive software in the line of virtual staging, it is one of the best among all. It promises to give your property a fantastic look. In addition, it has the capacity to give a touch of realism to your project.

Furthermore, they have skilled and professional designers who have the best knowledge to analyze your home’s photos and then give it a unique shape. They ensure the delivery of pictures within two business days.


In today’s dynamic era, no one gives you a money-back guarantee. But, padstyler offers you this facility along with free revisions. Its success lies in the fact that it has staged almost 50000 homes and acquired an average of 19% higher selling rate than others.

In addition, padstyler has features of home staging, virtual furniture replacement, virtual kitchen vision, virtual club appeal, and 3D floor plan that make it a prier option for sellers.

Best virtual staging Apps 2021


It is not a hard job to list your home or room images on Roomy. You can submit a listing image and select the design and style according to your choice. It makes it easy to make the three-dimensional design with easy options. This option gives your listing the potentials to bring more customers.


You have read above about apps and software. But, they all need the payment for their services. However, this is a free App. The Housecraft app allows you to place your home’s pictures. Individual customers can take benefit from it. However, a real estate agent can raise the prospect of home buyers using it during on-site tours.


This is another free virtual staging App. Homestyler is specially made for interior decoration. This App allows users to place 3D photographs of furniture and rooms. The App give a clear opportunity to home buyers.


Virtual staging apps and software really assist you in buying or selling property. Mainly, I discussed the selling of property through apps and software. But, you can also buy a home or hire rental property using these apps and software. For example, you want to buy a home, just visit the software of App and find your desired listings. Did you know about these apps before?

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