Best Apps for Apple iPads & Macs?


We asked for your favorite iOS applications for 2015, and we received many good suggestions. The reason it’s taken me longer to release this “Best Apps for Apple iPads & Macs” edition than a previous roundup, is that I wanted to ensure I did my due diligence and tested all these apps thoroughly, to help you make your choice easier. The second reason is that as this is a roundup, I did my best to put together something that really reflects the state of iOS apps today, rather than looking for long-ago released iPad apps.

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The list below is based on those apps I have tested and know to be the best. If I haven’t tested a particular app, I’m not including it.

The most recent release is noted by an “*”, and all the download links are via the app’s respective website. Also, as with the most recent edition, I’ve tried to include many free apps, but of course, not all free apps are created equal. Many are pay-to-play.

If you don’t see an app that you’d like to recommend, just leave a comment or email me (support at and I’ll look into that app for you.

Other lists, such as the best business apps for Apple iPhones & iPads, and the best free apps for the iPad also are available.

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*If you would like to link to an app that does not yet appear on the list, just use the following format: [App name] – [link to site]

The list, in the order it appears below, is ordered alphabetically by the app’s name, not by how many stars it has on the App Store, and not by popularity (though I might give preference to apps I’ve tested extensively, and that people have rated highly). I’ve left out some apps that either have only one app listed (but are good!), or that I believe are not worthy of a ranking at all.


Top Paid Apps for iPads

Zip Scanner

Zip Scanner ($9.99, 5 stars) Zip Scanner is a clever app that promises to scan zip codes and copy and paste the results to your clipboard, then send that data to a website. When the application launched on iOS in January 2014, it caught a lot of attention and inspired many people to take up the challenge of actually scanning all of the zip codes on their bookshelf.


Although the download numbers dropped somewhat when the app was re-released for free in June 2014, the app is still one of the best-rated iPad apps on iTunes. Zip Scanner is by far the most ambitious iPad zip code scanner I’ve come across, with more than a dozen utility features. The layout is clear and easy to use, and the only slight drawback is the ability to save scans to your Camera Roll – after all, you want to make sure the results are legible and not mixed up with the rest of your photos. Download now for: iPad Pros

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro ($3.99, 4.5 stars) This is an iPad app that promises to scan and copy ZIP codes, airline passenger lists, vehicle registration documents, or similar documents. It works quickly and you can immediately search by ZIP code or simply select one of the “Zip Search” buttons, which allow you to see all scanned documents. I didn’t find the ZIP-code scanner particularly useful – all of the documents scanned can be found by searching for the title, author, or scanned pages’ names. As you scan, you can create multiple documents in a document library, and save them to your Camera Roll. Download now for: iPad Best Apps for Apple iPads & Macs.

Zip Factory

Zip Factory ($0.99, 3.5 stars) This zip code scanning utility app appears to scan all of the states and countries in which it can scan. You can easily set it to scan a zip code on a page, then send the document to the clipboard by selecting the Copy button, or even by copying the entire scanned file to the clipboard if that’s easier. Scanning speeds were average, but since the app is a free utility app, that doesn’t bother me. You can’t actually save a scan to the Camera Roll, nor can you share it via email or Twitter. The app uses Adobe Mobile’s drag-and-drop file exporting, which can be slow and confusing. I wish that the scanner could also send an email, but it can’t. Download now for iPad Pros


Zipping ($0.99, 3.5 stars) Zipping is a simple way to send scanned documents to another app. The scanning interface resembles Scanner Pro – you simply select the area on the document you want to send and tap the Send button. Once Zipping reads the document, it creates a PDF, and sends it to the Zipping app. The app can also open a PDF file in a separate app, such as Microsoft Word, Pages, or Apple Preview, or email the document. The best part, though, is that the scanned PDF is saved to your Camera Roll. Zipping is a very simple, very cheap way to send and receive PDF documents on the iPad. Download now for: iPad Best Apps for Apple iPads & Macs.


CasestudyZ ($0.99, 3 stars) CasestudyZ is a simple way to send scanned documents to another app. There are two ways to use CasestudyZ: you can scan the PDF document into CasestudyZ, or you can scan the document directly into your favorite app. The PDF is sent from CasestudyZ to the other app, and then CasestudyZ reads the document. If CasestudyZ’s software can recognize a page, it can automatically create a separate tab inside CasestudyZ’s interface, allowing you to save the document to your Camera Roll or send it to a text message. CasestudyZ has a very minimalist interface, with a list of your files along the top, with a main panel containing the different fields for scanning. Unfortunately, scanning wasn’t very fast – the scans took a very long time, and it didn’t display all of the details of the scanned document.

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