An ultimate guide for the end of tenancy cleaning London

When you are ready to relocate out of the rental home, there will be many things to accomplish before you go. One of the most vital things you would need to take care of is end of tenancy cleaning London.

A whole approach to prepare your property for handover to your Landlord or their agent is provided below

This page contains all of the necessary information concerning the termination of the tenancy that you must be aware of. Let’s read the article to learn more about those requirements.

Why bother cleaning the house by yourself?

There are several reasons why you must spend time cleaning the property you have been renting:

Disagreements should be avoided

The cleanliness of the building is one of the most prevalent reasons for tenancy problems. Cleaning is the topic of more than half of the complaints resolved by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Furthermore, you are more likely to receive your full money back. However, if you keep the property as clean as when you first moved in.

Obtain overwhelming recommendations

When you move to your next home, you may need references from your previous renter. If you did not thoroughly clean it before moving out, your Landlord might include this information in their recommendation to your new Landlord.

What will your landlord or leasing company look for?

In general, it might interpret the required level of cleanliness. What one person thinks pristine may not be the same as what another person considers spotless. This might explain why the TDS receives so many complaints about cleaning standards.

end of tenancy cleaning London

Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning your rented home. Your Landlord or rental agency, on the other hand, should only ask you to clean it to the state/condition it was in when you moved in. As a result, while taking into account natural wear and tear. As a consequence, whether you hire a professional cleaning or do it yourself. It is essential to have your inventory on hand to see what things look like before your tenancy starts. Furthermore, keep your list with you while you wash and clean each room. As a result, you will be able to focus on cleaning the skirting boards rather than attempting to fix the scrape on the wall that existed when you moved in.

It also includes requirements requiring them to have their home cleaned thoroughly. However, imagine you signed an agreement before the Act’s implementation. In such a situation, your Landlord has until May 31, 2020, to charge you or request that you arrange for a professional clean. Furthermore, these costs must be lawful and fair, as specified in your lease agreement.

To summarise

  1.   All tenancies beginning June 1, 2019, cannot include a condition or fee for a professional clean in the lease agreement; and
  2.   Owners will no longer be allowed to insist on paying for a professional clean after June 1, 2020, even if your lease agreement was written before that date.
  3.   If your lease started before June 1, 2019, and your tenant included professional property care and cleaning clause in your leasing agreement, you may still be liable.

DIY vs professional cleaning

You may be considering whether to recruit a professional cleaning service or do the cleaning yourself. Both options are attractive for a variety of reasons:

Do-it-yourself (DIY) cleaning

Cleaning the rental house yourself is a far less expensive option, allowing you to save more money for your new home move.

The disadvantage of doing so is that it may take time. You’ll need to devote some time to properly cleaning the property. Also, please return it to the state it was in before your arrival.

Professional cleaning

Using a professional cleaning service guarantees a stress-free move. Hiring someone to handle the cleaning frees up your time to focus on the rest of your moving day to-do list. You are less likely to have deposit deductions for cleaning if you have the house professionally cleaned. This is because you have hired professional cleaning staff to keep the place clean.

However, there are certain disadvantages. Professional cleaning services might be expensive. Unless a couple of you are willing to chip in, it may be one too many expenses. Especially if your funds are running shortly after you’ve paid the deposit on your next home. Choosing the best cleaning solution might be challenging at times. As with any service, there’s a risk you’ll select a company that doesn’t perform a decent job. Professional cleaners also offer after builders cleaning London.

Lastly, a key benefit of end of tenancy cleaning

The following is the main key benefits of doing end of tenancy cleaning.

Amount of the security deposit

Perhaps you’ve realised that hiring a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning London service is beneficial in terms of receiving a full bond refund while leaving a rental property. Expert cleaners carefully clean the flat so that tenants may collect their security deposit at the end of the rental agreement. It would be good not to hesitate to hire a professional cleaning service to have peace of mind when moving out. Your Landlord will be happy with the outcomes since you can expect thorough cleaning for your rental home. Furthermore, cleaning companies employ the best cleaning methods to ensure that you collect your bond money.

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