Top 5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Companies

There are a lot of options when choosing a professional carpet cleaning companies to clean your office or home it is crucial to know the various types of carpet cleaning methods employed by different companies since different carpet cleaning methods are suitable for your carpet.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Often referred to by the name steam cleaning steam carpet cleaning uses. Heated water that is high in pressure to stir the carpet fiber and dissolve dirt within the carpet.

Cleaning with hot water generally involves the application of cleaning agent. Onto the surface and agitation of the carpet using a brush, and then rinsing. After the cleaner has settled on the carpet and settle for brief time. The carpet will get “washed” by a carpet cleaning machine to wash the cleaner thoroughly. And then dried in a room or at a controlled air temperatures.

A typical office space with carpet with a floor area of 3000 sq feet will typically take approximately two hours to wash.  It will require at least an hour to dry. Many cleaning firms recommend that carpets be cleaned in the late afternoon. To ensure after the cleaning has been completed the carpet is dried. Overnight and office operations can begin at the beginning of the next morning.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet cleaning with shampoo was popular before the introduction of encapsulation in the 1970s. Although shampooing carpets might seem to be a way of cleaning carpets with a lot of dirt however. It has a disadvantage: leaving behind large amounts of wet foam residues on the carpet. Which takes some time to dry and then becomes sticky after drying since there is no rinse following shampooing.  Fast re-soiling of carpet is what makes this method of cleaning less well-known than other methods.


Foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents to form a base that will form into a powder as it dries. Dirt particles that have been loosened within carpet fibres are encapsulated in powder once the cleaning foam is dried and lastly. Brushed or vacuumed after drying the foam cleaning.

The foam encapsulation method of cleaning has surpassed carpet shampooing techniques. Because it requires less water for cleaning. Which leads to a faster drying times compared to cleaning carpets. The foam encapsulation method of cleaning has been praised from those. Who favor the use environmentally friendly products due to the fact that there are less chemical residues left after cleaning in comparison the carpet washing.

Although encapsulation carpet cleaning demonstrated good results in cleaning however. This method of cleaning hasn’t been able completely clean carpets that have heavy soil due to the limitations of technology.

Bonnet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning process produces a an excellent surfaces cleaning outcomes since the procedure focuses on cleaning the upper part of the carpet fibre with the use of a powerful motorised device using a spinning pad that is soaked in cleaning solution to remove dirt off the carpet’s surface.

Bonneting is often used in hotels since it can provide a quick solution for carpet, cleaning in public areas with a lot of traffic. Which require carpet to be dry and clean and is able to dry quickly, preventing discomfort to guests in hotels.

Because bonneting isn’t able to effectively clean carpets, dirt underneath the carpet will come. Return to the surface in a the timeframe which causes carpet to become cleaned up again fast. Bonneting also causes the accumulation of chemical residues in the carpet. Due to pressure exerted by the powerful machine that is on the spinning pad pushes the chemical and dirt back to the floor.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as compound cleaning is among the most recent cleaning techniques available on the market. It has been gaining popularity and acceptance from leading carpet makers due to its efficacious cleaning capabilities and ease of use since it doesn’t need drying time.

Since the dry carpet cleaning was first invented in the 1980s, there are various types of cleaning compounds or powders being developed on the market. Because this cleaning method is considered to be fairly new in comparison to conventional methods of cleaning carpets that have been used and trusted for a long time, many question the efficacy of this method of cleaning.

The main feature in dry carpet cleansing is applying cleaning powder or compound in the bottom of carpet with the motorized counter-rotating machine. This opens the carpet fiber and allow the powder to get inside, leading to a an effective deep carpet cleaning.

Cleaning compound is usually composed of biodegradable materials that functions as micro-sponges that are able to effectively absorb dirt from carpets and is easily removed after your cleaning procedure.

Different Dry manufacturer of carpet cleaners distinguish themselves by creating their own cleaning substance or powders formula , as well as designing their equipment to suit their specific needs and functionality.

Dry cleaning of carpets is suitable for all kinds of carpet . It is suggested to businesses that operate 24/7, 7 all week long, as office operations should not be interrupted when carpet cleaning is taking place.

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