What to Know Before Going to a Rave?

What is a Rave Really Like?

There are certain things that you should know before going to a rave. Should this be your first time visiting a rave, you are likely to be largely unfamiliar with what the event entails. You may only know that a rave features synthetic dance music and dramatic lighting. You may also know a bit about what Rave fashion is like. You should expect the Rave to be a very unique experience in aesthetics.

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The Music

The music at a rave is electronic dance music. This is also known as EDM music. This type of music features synthetic beats and machine operated harmonies.

Electronic dance music is fun to dance to because of the synthetic beats. The music out of Rave is often very loud. this is so that participants at the Rave can dance to this music enjoyably.

You will find that there are many different talented DJs who may take the stage at a rave. Each of these DJs may have their own personal style of dance music. You will appreciate hearing different types of music from different DJs.

Rave music is unarguably very fun to dance to. You may find yourself dancing to the EDM music in a way that is expressive and creative. this type of music practically asks you to move your body in self-expression.

The Fashion

The fashion that is showcased at a rave is very unique. This type of fashion is often neon and appearance and features fabrics of interesting textures. You may find that people at a rave are wearing Spandex or even velvet.

The color scheme for rave fashion is very bright. This color scheme features neon colors, as well as pastels and gem tones.

Your outfit should have a color scheme that can be appreciated under black lighting.

Fabrics that are used in rave fashion includes spandex for leggings and velvet for reflecting light. You may wear other fabrics, such as satin or silk. You will want to wear fabrics that reflect light in an interesting fashion.

The Lighting

The lighting at raves is very unique, as well. The stage on which the DJ stands may be lit by many different colors of light. Oftentimes at a rave, the lighting director will use black light. This type of light reflects neon colors and whites in a beautiful way.

You will want to choose your rave clothing in a way that is considering the lighting at the event. You should choose to wear neon colors and white in order to be noticed under the black lighting. Rave sometimes also feature strobe lighting.

Overall, the lighting at a rave event plays a large part in setting the tone for the event. It contributes to the overall aesthetic of The Rave. It also helps to highlight the colors of the participants’ fashion statements.

A Fantastic Experience

The Rave is a fantastic experience in aesthetics. The setting is made up of amazing music, notable fashion and fantastic lighting. All of these elements help to create a surreal experience for the participants. Fashion statements should be neon in color in order to be featured under the black lighting. The music is so wonderful that you will be very difficult for you to refrain from dancing.

All in all, the rave is an amazing experience for all of the participants. Should you enjoy listening to the music, wear bold rave clothing and appreciate the special lighting at these events, you will be sure to enjoy any rave that you choose to attend. 

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