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How To Choose The Right Dining Chairs For Your Home?

Ever been to someone’s house for a dinner but couldn’t enjoy your meal because the dining chair wasn’t much comfortable?

When was the last time you enjoyed your meal to the fullest because of how comfortable the seating was?

No matter how attractive your dining table is or how beautifully it fits into your dining space, if it isn’t surrounded by the right set of dining chairs, all your efforts are likely to go in vain. Dining chairs are a deciding factor when it comes to enjoying your meal times with your loved ones. Your choice of dining chairs has the potential to make or break your entire experience as you dine.

Disappointed from your previous purchase? Here’s what you need to know before choosing the new dining chairs for your home:

Keep your dining table in mind

No matter how much you like a particular design of chairs, always consider your dining table before making the final decision. Don’t go for extremely slim dining chairs if your dining table is especially large. It will create unappealing gaps and you’ll end up regretting. Similarly, never surround a smaller, petite table with oversized chairs. It will only make your room feel congested.

Make sure the chairs that you choose complement your dining area as well as the dining table leaving enough space for your guests to move around with ease.

Choose the correct height

Typically a dining table is about 30 inches in height. So a dining chair has to be almost 19 inches leaving an 11 inches gap between the table and the chair.

A dining chair that’s too low or too high will make you uncomfortable to sit as you eat.

Arms or no arms?

How can you determine if you should go for chairs with arms or without arms? The tip is quite simple…

For smaller tables, the ideal dining chairs are those without arms while for longer and rectangular tables, you can go for chairs with arms or even benches.

Matching or Complementing?

If you’re going for a more formal look, choose a set of chairs that matches with your dining table as well as the dining area. However, if you’re someone who loves going bold and experiment with colors, do not hesitate to mix and match different chairs to create more of a chic and classy feel.

Look for curves

Rather than going for flat and upright chairs, choose those with curves. Human body is not flat and chairs that allow a bit of reclining are an ideal option for dining. If your prefer comfort over price, go for the chairs with curves in the seat as well as the back.

Similarly, make a wise choice between plain or upholstered dining chairs depending upon how much time you spend around your dining area. If a large chunk of your day is spent around your dining space, go for upholstered seats. If it’s the other way around, you may even choose dining chairs with minimal padding.

The heavier the chair, the harder it is to move

Considering the utility of dining chairs, it is advisable to choose those that aren’t too heavy. Heavier chairs will not only be difficult to drag and push, but will also damage your flooring in the long run. So check for the weight beforehand.

All these tips will help you choose the right dining chairs for your home that are are not only stylish but also fulfill their purpose so you get to enjoy your meal times even more. Looking for dining chairs in Scottsdale? Let our experts assist you in making the right choice…

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