AULI – most visitors know this place for skiing and every year several number witness the blissful art of the creator of the whole universe. But along with skiing, a few more activities are there which you can enjoy in this region. Hope you might be not aware of that is why you miss all the time, so here are the best exhilarating activities in the AULI, UTTARAKHAND. 




  • ROPEWAY – 


If you have ever visited the AULI then you may have seen the ropeway and this gives a stunning offbeat experience. Exist at an elevated height from AULI to JOSHIMATH and this cable car ride always draws our mind to another level. Someone can see marvelous beauty from the altitude and you can get rid of the height fear after the first visit. 


  • SKIING – 


This is another adventurous activity and visitors find this most awe-inspiring and enthralling. Impeccable slopes and snow-wrapped landscape always steals the heart and make this destination the best for the activity. If you are someone who likes to chill out in the most challenging play then skiing is the best for the visitors.  




Sometimes this is quite fascinating to see the wonder made at the hands of humans. Artificial lake in the AULI is also the most impressive creativity and all around the jaw-dropping scenes always steal the heart. If you are someone who likes to see the wonder and can spend some time in solitude then you can choose this destination. The best thing about this place is that – someone can enjoy snowfall if other regions would face less snowfall. 




If you want to try something more after Skiing then Trekking would be the best option you can choose now. Not only CHOPTA or CHANDRASHILA is famous for trekking, but AULI also has the sweet spot where you can step ahead. To reach the GORSON BUGYAL, someone needs to cover a few-mile trek for the offbeat experience. Enthralling beauty, relaxing breeze, and panoramic views always hit the mind with utmost loudness. While trekking someone can click the delightful views which exist all around and someone can feel the refreshment like never before. 




Locals call this place a sacred one and if you like to visit embracing the beauty and spiritual environment all-around then this place would be best for you. Someone can reach this place through cable car ride also and here you can see the idol of NARSHIMHA which is rare to find anywhere else. Along with that – there is an evergreen tree from prolonged years ago which always attracts visitors. In this place, someone can enjoy multiple enthralling activities which can raise the daredevil in you. So if you want to see the amalgamation of adventure and spiritual experience then visit this place without spending time. This summer season would be favorable to be here undoubtedly. 




Another jaw-dropping beauty gonna impress you from the charm spread all around. CHENAB lake is not usually spell by the visitors or locals because this is a hidden beauty for the most people. So if you want to roam in those places where you haven’t been before then this place has lot to see. In this place visitors can spend some time with themselves and this is quite leisure activity for people who likes to be in solitude. 




For people who likes to spend quality time with their spouse or people who love trekking can visit this place. This lake spread the reflection of sheet of blue sky and all around there is a serene environment for the best kind of experience. Apart from the city life someone can pick the best moment after some time here. For the sake of sparkling beauty to capture in camera they can also do so here. 


  • Trishul peak – 


If you haven’t visit trishul peak in AULI then still your journey is worthless. In UTTARAKHAND this peak comes under the “best trekking destination and large peak”. Trekking in this peak is also not a cakewalk and that is why it’s important to take prior medical amentities to load the weight. Along with trekking someone can find mind-soothing experience from the lush beauty exists all around. 




Who doesn’t like to do daring activities? But if you get to know all the details about those places and still gazing here then this is not right for you. If you are looking for the best popular hostels in CHOPTA to stay then AIPAN RESORT is always here for you. 


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