How Will an Employee Intranet Help an Organization with Document Management?

No matter what industry you work in or its size, document management is common in every business. All business owners have to sift through hundreds or thousands of papers every day and share those documents with their colleagues to run the business smoothly. As a result, the biggest challenge companies face today is document management.

Since paperwork is indispensable, document management is vital, especially when it comes to running a business smoothly. However, managing every last scrap of information on the papers is not easy. That is why it is crucial to choose a document management system, such as an employee intranet, that can store and retrieve all your electronic and paper documents without interfering with your business operations. 

An employee intranet can help you create documents, edit them collaboratively and share them with employees and shareholders to be viewed and completed. Implementing an intranet solution can drastically reduce your paperwork and streamline your documentation work online. If you wonder how implementing an intranet can help document management, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of having an intranet for document management.

Benefits of opting for an employee intranet as your document management system

  • Heightened security: An employee intranet keeps all your company information safe, especially confidential and sensitive information that can cause your business a huge loss. It provides you with complete control over the documents. It means you can decide which employee can access which document and when. In addition, you can provide permission to different employees of different departments to access both the files and folder. Moreover, an intranet allows you to check how company data is being used by providing you with a record of how documents have been edited.

  • Easy access: Searching for the right information can eat away your precious time, especially when you need it on an urgent basis. The process of finding the right document becomes more tiresome, especially when stored in different folders and at different locations or if they get misplaced. However, when you have an intranet in place, your employees can find the information with a few clicks on a mouse. Not only does it aid in boosting employee productivity, but it also acts as an internal communication software that helps enhance employee collaboration.

  • Spacious office: Why clutter up your workspace with files when you can have everything on an intranet? Physically storing all your documents can consume a lot of space in your office that you can use in a better way or for other business purposes. When you have an intranet, all your papers will be stored on the cloud, and you can free up your office space. Apart from document management, intranet platforms turn out to be ideal collaboration solutions that allow your employees to interact and enhance their work productivity.

  • Improved work processes: An intranet provides your employees with a systematic approach to different work processes, enhancing their capability to work more efficiently. Since your employees can use the intranet for various tasks, including document workflows, revisions, reviews, and approvals, it will automate their work processes. As a result, it will reduce the chances of errors. Another benefit of implementing an intranet is that it acts as a social intranet software that allows your employees to tag, share, and comment on different documents easily.

The Bottom Line

Document management has never been easier. However, an employee intranet can efficiently handle all your documents. So, if you are looking forward to implementing an intranet, it can turn out to be a wise decision. When you choose your intranet, make sure you pay attention to its features.

All the Best!

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