5 tips you need to know to get instant results with Facebook Marketing

When it comes to Facebook marketing, there is a good reason why some marketers outnumber most. In fact, I looked closely at Facebook marketing experts to find models who could see amazing results with Facebook marketing.

This article will cover 5 tips that I need to know that all Facebook marketers implement to get results in their online business. I’ll start with the most important piece of advice that sees Facebook as a sales funnel. You need to understand this concept to apply other tips and to compliment each other. I will continue to explain how to get “leads” through Facebook marketing and how you can encourage your Facebook audience for the best results.

1) Do you see Facebook as a sales funnel?

As I said, I will start with this advice, because it is very important to understand.

If you have been marketing on the internet for a long time, in order to have a long-term business strategy, you need to create your list and send it through channels where you can build a relationship with your audience and warm them up with your offer. Thank you for your registration can be promoted again.

So this makes me see why you should see Facebook as a sales funnel if you use Facebook as your main marketing strategy. This strategy can actually be very effective if applied early and consistently.

reverse engineer Facebook ads

Start by looking at everyone you connect with within your niche. After this episode happened, we need to focus on 2 things here. We must first make that person like us; We do this from time to time by privately chatting with them and sharing tips that will help their business. Before you share tips, make sure they’re open, and if you don’t know, ask permission to stay safe. “… Is it right for me to share my advice as an internet colleague …? 

Second, we need to post value-based content that reaches our audience with tips to help them in their work and in the essential passions of our timeline. I recommend a personal timeline through fan pages because it’s so good and gives more commitment and exposure to your brand. The reason we share value-based content is to present ourselves as a leader and people see us as an ideal mentor to lead them in. business.

2) Make a list of your friends and connect with your current Facebook audience every day

Connect with new people every day and interact with previous connections so that your niche audience is introduced to you; People like to be together, so make sure you follow this action.

Second, whenever you interact with users, your Facebook thread can appear in their news feed and include it in your posts.

Finally, if we look at Facebook as a sales funnel, you need to add new leads to your “funnel” every day. My personal recommendation is to bring 50 people a day into your niche and send them during the day to avoid Facebook jail.

Also, reconnect with up to 10 people already on your friend’s list so you can increase your engagement with your Facebook posts.

Another great way to keep people in your circle is to create a Facebook group, where you can add connections with their permission and share a lot of value and advice to groups that will help you in your business. 99% of people will be notified if you add them and will be notified via Facebook every time you send a message to a group.

3) Value versus tone

Whenever I browse my news feed or join a group related to my niche, I only see a few links to a product or program … I want to call it a spam festival.

One thing Facebook marketers need to understand is that people reach out to people rather than businesses.

Focus on improving the relationship on topics that really focus on basic desires, e.g. Their family, their interests, the reasons why they want to enter the business, etc. We do this by sharing tips on how to succeed in business when people resonate with you as real people and leaders.

4) Improve an amazing post on Facebook

When you start posting threads and building your audience, you will find that some threads are more involved than others. If you have a post that really has a lot of commitment, you can increase it to just 00 5.00 in your personal timeline and display it in the news feed of all your friends.

If you are sent to read a personal article in a post via a directing link to your blog, this $ 5.00 is worth your expense, because it introduces people to your brand and if you build your list, I highly recommend that you get a good number of subscribers to your list.

5) Connect with experts

If you want to improve and excel in your Facebook marketing, look for marketing professionals in that particular area, in this case, Facebook Marketing, add them as a personal friend and follow them like a hack, reverse engineering Facebook ads everything I do, and expect similar results.


I believe this article is invaluable to anyone who wants to see instant results in Facebook marketing. Like I did, use these tips and see great results with Facebook marketing.

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