What are the features available in staying in Manali igloo?

Here Manali is individual of the greatest experience places available here in Himachal Pradesh. It is basically famous in the winter season. Here you can start your journey with your people and loved ones and can make more memories regarding that. Here there are many igloos stay available with the best flat offers to enjoy your trip. Once you visit here then you can get a unique experience regarding Manali igloo stay.  Here can feel all your excitement and journey in a luxurious manner. Once you are right with your choice then you can choose this Manali igloo to stay for your trek. This place is being gone famous so that it is mainly used by Canada’s central arctic, Greenland and Norway peoples. Here they provide all convenience and facilities for the tourists who are visiting here. This region gives different travel seasons every month. So it is better to visit there in the month of October to February for the better climate temperature. It is India’s first igloo stay available in Manali.   


What are there to know about the Hampta circuit trek?


When comes to know about this, it is the best place which consists of large mountains, falls and green plains surrounded by beautiful flowers. The Hampta circuit trek is the right one for you to enjoy your trip with all your expectations. Here is the beautiful location available here in Manali. Once you start your trekking here then you can get the biggest affairs on choosing this right location for your visit. Many interesting sites are available here for you to visit. Here there exist various trekking spots available here in Manali. If you have one week of time, then you can fulfill your adventure of watching all the natural sceneries available here.


Best Himalayan trekking 


Hampta circuit Trek is undeniably one of the best Himalayan trekking trails to go on, here there are many places to visit so that you can experience the remarkable beauty of the Lahaul-Spiti valley vistas and splendid views of Mount Deo Tibba and Mount Indrasan. It is an alternate route of Hampta Pass Trek; the Circuit trail is indeed among the most arresting journeys so you can take in the lap of the Himalayas. But the adventurous extravaganza has a host of its own glorious elements to offer, all of which are covered in the detailed itinerary of the trek. So you can calculate the distance and traveling time period before itself. 


Season to visit 


September to October is the most ideal time, thereby avoiding the monsoon of July-August wisely. Since it involves a lot of walking on fields and narrow hilly paths, you do not want to meddle through puddles of water and muddy stretches. During the summer months, the locals often gather in the meadows of Baggi and Saraha Baggi to collect herbal plants and roots for business. So like this, there are many hidden secrets possible in choosing this Manali trekking. 


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