Why Wheel Alignment Service is Considered Important?

Cars we use move on wheels. So, there is no denying of the importance of the wheels, but not everyone who uses a car must be knowing the importance of its alignment, or what it exactly is. So, when it comes to the importance of wheel alignment as an essential preventive service component, there are some scope of discussion. Therefore, here we are to discuss the importance of wheel alignment, and why it is considered as one of the basic preventive maintenances of all. The information we gathered on this regard, are derived from the mechanical team of a famous Audi service center at our neighborhood, so that we don’t miss out on any technical, logical, and authentic explanation.

What is a Wheel Misalignment?

The wheels are located at specific slots at the undercarriage part of a vehicle. Following the general rule, the wheels should sit tight yet be able to move, while staying perfectly aligned to their respective grooves.

But due to constant usage, or because of excessive off roading, the wheels tend to fall off from their right e, and their alignment with their socket get dislocated. Once misaligned, the wheels don’t stand steady on their joints and start wobbling, with a tendency to slip off from their place. The result is obvious, the car will face a tremendous body imbalance, and can topple down one side at the slightest provocation.

How are Wheel Misalignment Identified

The first sign that one of your carwheels got misaligned is the behavior and responses of the steering wheel. It is a known fact, that it is the steering wheel, that guides the wheels on move. Once the connection is disrupted, the effect will show up, as an unmanageable handling, where the driver can lose control over the vehicle and dash on somewhere unpredictably.

But before that stage comes, the steering wheel will start vibrating mildly at first and then more severely, showing the typical symptom of wheel misalignment. Once a wheel is misaligned, it will also start making a squealing sound when you try to take a turn.

The other most common sign of a misaligned wheel is the car showing a tendency to pull towards a side of the road automatically, without your driving inputs and going against your attempt to steer away from that direction.

How are the Wheels Aligned?

When you take your car for a wheel alignment servicing, at an auto repair shop, the mechanics will start working with the wheels, after dismounting them from their respective places. Then they will check on the control arms, tie rods and tie rod end, idler arm, steering links and knuckle, or steering rack, and will replace those items that are showing signs of wear and damage.

At the unit of the Audi service and alignment, we were sincerely warned by the group of mechanics, that if a car is driven with a misaligned wheel, the result can be dangerous. Not only the car wheel will get damaged and wear off prematurely, but the driver can lose control over the vehicle at any time, leading towards a disastrous accident. And for all these reasons, the wheel alignment servicing is considered important among the preventive maintenance of cars.

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