Why Choose CBSE School?


It is a national and international educational board that is adopted by 200 International schools across 25 countries like India, UAE, Far East, Europe and the USA. CBSE Curriculum is offered by more than 80 Dubai Schools.

CBSE School is known for its equal focus on academics and co-curricular activities to enhance student’s skill sets. The CBSE Academies provide ample scopes for physical, intellectual and social development. 

Why CBSE School?

  • CBSE curriculum is a student-oriented curriculum which prepares them for the important competitive examinations at the Indian and International Level. 
  • Parents who are in transferable jobs can take advantage; If you are moving to Dubai; there are many CBSE School.
  • CBSE students can get the help of curriculum to compete in examinations such as IIT, IIM, Bits Pilani, Medicine, Engineering colleges as their curriculums are quite similar.

Holistic Pedagogy

  • The CBSE curriculum allows students to not just develop theoretical knowledge but helps to polish their inherent talent and develop real-life skills so that they shine in walks of life.
  • It is touted as the only curriculum in the country which connects classroom learning to the real world scenarios, promoting active learning among students.
  • It primarily focuses on building futuristic skills (Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Media Studies etc.) among students. 
  • CBSE Board is also known to be the primary board that makes children professionally ready. 
  • CBSE encourages collaborative learning which develops social skills. 

Not only that CBSE keeping in mind the special needs have asked the schools to go beyond the limits and help children with special needs by providing quality education as per the specifics for accessible and adapted learning. Each child’s individual needs are checked and they are assigned special teachers who counsel them and make relevant adjustments like audio or other formats, pictures, captions, largest prints, and sign-language options so that they understand in a better way.

Features of CBSE Curriculum

The main objective of the CBSE board is to design a curriculum to help students where they can improve their skills, ability, talents, knowledge and achieve overall development through a good standard of academic and non-academic education throughout the country. 

  1. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it is appropriate for all countries and union territories. 
  2. Subjects like mathematics, science, English, Hindi, Arabic or another regional language, are included. 
  3. No Child will fail till 8th grade.
  4. The board exam is optional for Class X and mandatory for Class XII
  5. Class 10th students also have subjects like Information and Communication Technology and Economics. After 10th-grade children can opt for diverse subjects that can help them in their future studies. 
  6. CBSE Students have 3 streams after the 10th grade Science, Commerce, The humanities stream 
  7. Other vocational subjects are available in every stream for students who want to learn for their future professions.
  8. Grading in the CBSE System is based on three types of exams i.e individual activity, group activity, and final exams. 

One of the best international schools in Dubai that follows all of the above rules and provides an extra touch of a world-class education is the Global Indian International School.

Advantages of CBSE Schools in Dubai

  • Indian expatriates in Dubai can rest assured that their children’s School admissions in Dubai School are well taken care of.  Many international Dubai schools offer CBSE to expat students who may want to pursue the same curriculum.
  • ‍CBSE curriculum is the most popular choice, not just for the ease it provides but also because the Indian pedagogy is world-renowned for its academic and non-academic excellence. There are many CBSE alumni that have gone on to leading companies in Silicon Valley and have an overall successful career path. 
  • ‍ With CBSE Curriculum, parents feel deeply connected to their roots and would not miss out on continuity of education due to cross-country relocation.
  • A holistic education lays the right foundation for the successful growth of the students. Students get weightage to their applications when they apply for higher studies in reputed universities.

So which curriculum are you choosing for your child in a Dubai school? Leave your comments.


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