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Which dental filling is best?

When teeth are damaged due to decay or injury, dentists can often restore shape and function by providing Dental Fillings services. In this article, we will tell you about this common dental procedure, along with all the different options available for effectively filling a tooth so that it will remain durable for a long time. 

First of all, what is filling?

Dental Fillings services involve the use of artificial materials to patch a hole or crack in a tooth. Dentists start the procedure by removing any decayed tooth material. Then, they clean the affected area before filling the cavity with either porcelain, gold, tooth-colored composite resin, or an amalgam alloy of mercury, silver, copper-tin, and sometimes zinc.

Fillings help preventing further decay while protecting the underlying root. They also restore function so that patients can chew comfortably.

Braces are also one great way to restore the beauty of teeth, and the best thing is the cost of braces service in Toronto or anywhere is much affordable. However, one can also pay it in installments if unable to pay in full. 

Different types of fillings

Professionals Dental Fillings services can use a variety of materials to make fillings, including:

  • Porcelain fillings

These filings are prepared in a lab and then cemented to the tooth. These are highly resistant to staining and almost match a person’s tooth color. The overall cost of porcelain filling is usually similar to that of a gold filling.

  • Gold fillings

These are also created in a laboratory and then cemented in place. Gold fillings are also well-tolerated by gum tissues and can last more than two decades. However, they are a relatively expensive option and require multiple visits for placement.

  • Composite resins

Specifically designed to match teeth’ natural appearance, composite resin fillings comprise various ingredients mixed and placed directly inside a cavity. 

Once the mixture hardens, composite fillings are exceptionally durable. However, they are vulnerable to staining. It is one reason why Dental Fillings services in Toronto often recommend porcelain fillings for larger cavities.

  • Amalgam fillings

These filings are relatively inexpensive and withstand well to wear and tear. But, their dark color can make them more noticeable than porcelain or composite restorations. It makes them the right choice for filling premolars or molars located in the back of the mouth.

Which filling option is best?

The answer to this question depends on the decayed tooth’s location and nature and the individual patient’s tolerability. Your dentist will suggest fillings based on your goals, budget, and whether you have allergies to specific materials.

But now, when you know about all the filling options available, you can indeed make up your mind on which one would be most appropriate as per your needs. 

Does it hurt during the Dental Fillings services?

All dentists use local anesthesia to block the nerves that transmit pain. If, in case, you notice any discomfort while getting a filling, it’s crucial to immediately alert your dentist so he or she can take extra steps to prevent discomfort or pain. 

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