What You Need To Know About Royal Conservatory Exams

The Royal Conservatory Exam (RCM) is Canada’s highly recognized and reputed assessment method to measure the skills you earned in playing musical instruments. A highly regarded music conservatory includes a broad range of instruments to measure the ability of a student. The RCM music theory classes impart music lessons to a million attendants every year across Canada. Let us find out more about RCM and how it benefits your child’s future endeavors.  

About RCM

The Royal Conservatory of Music was established in 1886 to offer music education to those interested in this field. Headquarter in Toronto, Canada; RCM got its recognition as a music institution and performance center. The ability of each student is measure during the RCM music theory classes for different levels. The students also benefit from receiving study material and books from the institution in the classical, baroque, modern and romantic genres. The Conservatory also conducts the exams at the end of each level and distributes the certificate, often equivalent to the particular grade.

Benefits of RCM

There is a list of benefits the student observes on joining the online music training session of the Conservatory. The student gets the advantage of national standards to track progress on each level. They also get the regular practice of their desired musical instrument and encouragement of goal setting attitude. RCM also aims to provide professional music training to children from an early age and develop their interest in music, which later benefits them in mental and physical development.

The Grade System of RCM

RCM divides into different grades or levels, which start from the elementary level and goes up to an advanced level. Theonline music training of RCM typically begins from the additional preparatory grade or the preschool level. As the student learns more, he promotes the higher grades, reaching the ARCT level, also called the advance grade. 

Therefore, the RCM consists of 10 grades wherein an average student is assumed to reach grade 8 by the time he comes the high school. If the student is an enthusiastic learner, he may also come to level 10 when high school. The RCM music theory classes provide study material to the students, which consists of two music books for each grade. These two books are repertoire books and studies books for theory and music learning activities. 

About the RCM Exam and Registration Process

The Royal Conservatory of Music displays its exam schedule on its official website. The exam splits into usually three-part, which includes the theory and performance test. The tests are held in January, June, and August; therefore, a student must carefully select his preferred month based on his preparations. The Conservatory opens the registration process two months before the examination.

The student must talk to their online music training teacher and get the teacher number, which shall be used to gain access to examination results and related comments. You will be asked to create a personal account on the website to get the information related to your exam schedule and references.

RCM music theory classes aim to identify the creative side of the student, helps them to polish their skills on their loved musical instrument, and offer the highly recognized certification on completion of the entire level. Students must not worry and get anxious about the exams and talk to their online music training teacher regarding their extra inputs and guidance. Once get the RCM certification, a student can efficiently utilize it for future endeavors. 

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