What You Need to Know About Impact Wrenches

Historically, impact wrenches were mostly pneumatic, or air-powered, which meant that they belonged exclusively to the realm of professional technicians and mechanic shops. In order to use a normal 12-inch pneumatic impact wrench, you often require an air compressor that produces close to 100 PSI, which represents a large financial commitment.

The good news is that cordless, battery-powered impact wrenches have become better as battery technology has progressed, which has resulted in lower pricing and the ability to compete with their pneumatic counterparts on an equal footing. In fact, one of the most significant advantages of cordless impact wrenches is their portability. Because they are not attached to a compressor by an air line, these tools may be transported simply wherever they are needed.

What They Do and How They Work

It differs from other tools such as cordless drill/drivers and impact drivers, which are excellent for drilling holes and driving screws, in that the impact wrench is specifically intended for tightening and loosening hex-head bolts, nuts, and lag screws. It delivers an unrivalled level of power by combining rotating force (torque) with short-burst concussive hits (impacts) in order to achieve this. For example, the majority of cordless drill/drivers generate around 50 foot-pounds of torque, whereas the typical impact driver generates approximately 125 foot-pounds of torque Cordless impact wrenches, on the other hand, can easily create torque outputs of over 250 foot-pounds, which is more than enough strength to power-drive the fattest lags and burst out the most rusted and corroded nuts.

Batteries are measured in volts.

When all other factors are equal, higher voltage will provide more power—but there are some situations in which lower voltage is preferable. Impact wrenches with 12-volt batteries are more compact than their counterparts with larger batteries. Their compact size makes them ideal for minor projects, working above, and getting into tight locations.. The voltage difference between 18 and 20 volt tools is less noticeable. In general, 18-volt tools with sophisticated features and capabilities are more flexible and easier to use than their 12-volt counterparts.

Batteries are measured in Amp Hours (Ah)

The unit of measurement for Ah (amp hours) is the number of amps that the battery can discharge continuously for one hour. Consider amp hours in the same way that you would think about the volume of a gas tank: a higher number equals more gas.

How We Put These Impact Wrenches Through Their Paces

Each and every effect driver on this list has been properly examined and assessed by our team of testing experts. We investigate the market, do user surveys, consult with product managers and engineers, and draw on our own hands-on expertise with these technologies to select the most appropriate solutions. We identified jobs that were practicable and that the majority of people would be able to do with these impact wrenches.

The Most Important Factors to Consider

As part of our evaluations, we looked at a number of significant aspects for each of these best budget cordless impact wrench. In order to make an informed selection, you must first understand each of these aspects and why they are so crucial.


In many respects, the torque of an impact wrench is the most significant feature of the tool. This indicates how readily the wrench in issue can remove a fastener from its socket.

While there is such a thing as having too much torque for your needs, when searching for an impact wrench, you can typically rely on a simple truth: the higher the torque, the more the impact wrench is capable of.


When looking for a cheap impact wrench, one of the most crucial considerations to make is the weight of the tool. At first look, the weight of the instrument may not appear to be excessively burdensome. However, you should consider how weighty it will feel after you have been holding it in your hands and working on it all day long.

The lighter the wrench, the longer you’ll be able to work before you become too fatigued to continue working. And if it comes down to a choice between two impact wrenches that are both equally strong, we’ll always choose the one that weighs less.


When it comes to impact wrenches, does “size” make a difference? The quick answer is “yes,” but there are a number of other considerations to take into account.

The smaller impact wrench is preferred by the majority of handymen. In addition, a compact wrench is easier to operate in a highly limited location, which helps to keep the overall weight down.

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