What You Need To Know About Glass Bongs

When it comes to smoking, nothing beats a good bong. A large number of smokers prefer these pipes because they provide a high that lasts the entire session. In addition, they make smoking a more social event because they are easy to hold and carry around. For these reasons, many people choose to purchase bong accessories.


The Benefits of Downstem Bongs. Downstem bongs also come in a variety of different styles, but one thing stays the same: they are extremely portable, which makes them the perfect companion for taking on the go. They usually come in a couple of sizes, making them perfect for smoking while on the go, including both the car and the plane. Additionally, they allow smokers to smoke from both the front and the back of the bowl. In addition, these pipes often come with a downstream, which is designed to provide a higher quality smoking experience. For these reasons, many people prefer to purchase downstream glass beaker bongs over stainless steel beakers.

The Benefits of a Straight Tube Bong. Straight tube bongs provide an exceptional all-around smoke product. Because these bongs use nothing but heat from the air to create a smoke cloud, they are much more similar to cigarettes in how you taste and smell when you are done smoking. In addition, many straight tube bongs feature a built-in water filter to prevent smoke from entering the water pipe.

The Benefits of Filtration Hits. Filtration hits the nail on the head: if you are looking for a great all-around smoke product, then you might want to consider filtration. These bongs typically include filtration systems built right into the beaker bongs themselves. Some common filtration systems include gold screen and reverse osmosis.

Faberge Egg Shaped Bongs. Believe it or not, these come in what may be one of the most bizarre names imaginable: cavities. However, these bongs are actually a very unique smoke product. Instead of being a liquid bong (as most percolators and hit products are), these are egg shaped bongs that contain small amounts of water.

Glass Beaker Bong. Most smokers will tell you that they simply do not even know the difference between ahit and a glass beaker bong! However, for occasional drinkers, these bongs are perfect, providing just enough water to satisfy a smoker’s desire without having to worry about health issues like cancer or other harmful toxins found in regular bong hits.

Glass Beaker-shaped Bong. While the name seems a little odd (how come there’s a beaker in there, instead of a beaker? ), these are without a doubt the best type of beaker-shaped bong. Because these bongs require a circular motion to hold the water in place (hence their name), the water is never spattered or left on the floor, unlike their square-base cousins.

Just for fun, here’s a list of some more odd names for beakers: K-Bong (a touch less than a K), bullet (replaces a bullet with a beaker), fat guys (replaces a fat bomb with a beaker), fat man (not really a bong, but almost certainly has a similar effect), and steam gun (a steam engine similar to a stove). Now that we’ve got that out of the way, beaker bongs have one more use. You can put them in water barrels to add flavor. They also make great fire starters, as you can see from the flaming effects of the flames on the beaker. There are even some bongs with unique hollows inside, which lets you put kerosene inside so you can light your tea with it.

With all that said, I’ll end this review by returning to the topic of straight-tube bongs. These bongs are great for an everyday basis smoking, and they’re great for an occasional smoke out of the apartment. You can purchase them online where pipes and other glass products are sold. The downside to these is that they tend to be on the pricey side, with the price range typically being in the thousands of dollars (although they come in a few different variations).

For the budget conscious smoker, ice catchers may be a better option. Like straight-tubular glass beakers, ice catcher bongs can be used for smoking, but they don’t require the same care. Unlike straight-tubular glass beakers, they don’t have a glass beaker or reservoir to catch the ice. However, because it doesn’t have to hold ice, it is lighter weight than its tubular counterpart, and it has fewer chances of breaking. As with straight-tubular beakers, you’ll pay more for these than you would for the more expensive straight-tubular bongs, but at least you won’t be dealing with a broken glass beaker as often.

Finally, we return to the topic of filtering smoke. Filtering smoke is something many bong smokers will need to do from time to time. Percolator bongs tend to be better at this than other models, and they’re especially popular for backyard barbecues. A percolator bong essentially makes smoke vapor into water, and then collects it in a collection reservoir underneath the bong. This means you can easily use a high quality hose to filter smoke without having to deal with the mess and bother of manually removing the collection reservoir, which can get messy and dirty over time. Some cheaper models may not have this filtering system, and you should avoid this type if possible.

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