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What Should A Care Home Inspection Consist Of?

When running a caregiving business, there is a lot to consider when it comes to testing, especially when the CQC come to visit. What will they want to know and who will they be asking opinions from? In this article, we will be providing you with information into what a care home could consist of in 2021. 

The Different Types Of CQC Inspections 

When running a care home, you may well need to consider the different types of CQC inspections. The Care Quality Commission is the official governing committee that are responsible for assessing the level of care that a care home is providing. As part of this job, they conduct two different types of inspections which are as follows:

Comprehensive Inspections 

This is used to determine if the care home is providing the level of care required making sure that it is safe at every stage. In addition to this, they will also look into the management and the level of care that is being provided by the staff to the residents throughout the course of their inspections. 

Focused Inspections

Another inspection that they make is the focused inspections, these are on a much smaller scale than the other inspections however they are more in-depth on particular concerns and glaring issues. This will enable them to make all of the information that they have and give the care home a report with a ranking. Regardless of whether it is a Cambridge care home or one far more rural these focused inspections can show growth over 5 years. This can then be viewed by the public to show them the level of care that the care home is providing.  

What Evidence Do They Gather? 

When conducting these inspections, the CQC are required to gather evidence to back up their report. But what exactly will they need to take to write up their reports? To help you understand what they will likely need, we will be providing you with the evidence that they will be gathering upon their inspection:

  • Using comments from local GPs 
  • Interviews with the staff 
  • Information gathered from complaints and concerns
  • Observations made when visiting the home 
  • Looking for a clear pathway 
  • Inspections of where people are being cared for 
  • Inspection of the kitchen area 
  • Looking at paperwork, documents and any policies

Who Will The CQC Want To Talk To?

The CQC will want to get as much information as they can from a number of different sources. At this stage, it is important not to shy away from these investments as you must show the care home service off in the best possible light. By making sure that you are not getting in the way and allowing them to make the findings and continue to write their fair reports for the care home based off of their findings throughout the course of their visit. 

With this in mind, there are several elements out there that you need to consider when it comes time for the CQC to inspect the care home. Where will you be starting when it comes to preparing your care home for inspection.

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