What Makes Medical Equipment Calibration and Services Important?

Medical equipment are nothing short of necessity in this technologically-driven industry. The status and modernity of a hospital or even a clinic is often judged by their availability of the latest medical equipment. While it is imperative that hospitals are equipped with the latest equipment, an important factor that is often not realised is the eventual wear and tear.

Medical equipment calibration, services and repairs are important as they increase the longevity and functionality of the equipment. Medical equipment calibration is necessary as it reduces the uncertainties involved with measurements over prolonged usage. Calibration also reduces errors considerably. It is important that medical equipment are regularly calibrated and sent for repairs and services so that they can still be used after many years. Calibration also ensures that regularly updated industry standards are met.

Why is Calibration, Repair and Services Important?

As patient safety is top priority for the best known clinics and hospitals, they must ensure that all their equipment are always working in best condition. The further technologically advanced the machines are, the more frequent calibration, repairs and services they require. That’s because they are expected to give accurate and precise results after every use.

Australian Standards 3551 & RACGP Standards is known to be stringent and severe. Meeting their requirement is necessary if you want to continue using your medical equipment. Since any medical equipment is susceptible to wear and tear, especially after prolonged use, it can directly impact its performance. To maintain its effectiveness and ensure that the results derived from them do not adversely affect any patient, regular calibration is absolutely necessary.

Since it is mandated by the Australian regulatory bodies that all medical equipment are regularly re-calibrated, serviced and repaired, it is imperative that you follow the necessary guidelines.

Where to Get Medical Equipment Calibrated?

There are numerous companies that offer medical equipment calibration and repair services. Since there are high standards in place in Australia, you should get in touch with the best service providers in your area. Get in touch with medical equipment suppliers who –

  • Are committed to offering you the best customer service possible.
  • Understand the importance of medical equipment and properly care for it.
  • Are quality-driven and thus ensure top-class service.
  • Have specialised knowledge in calibrating and servicing different types of medical equipment.
  • Meet the requirements posed by the Australian Standards 3551 and RACGP Standards.
  • Are additionally qualified to help you with load for equipment maintenance.

Things to Lookout for While Calibrating Equipment

While it is of utmost importance that you calibrate equipment from time to time, you must keep in mind the following things while hiring the right service provider.

  • Don’t Agree to Lock-In Contracts – You may not need to re-calibrate the equipment every six months or one year due to various reasons. Thus it is best you don’t agree to any lock-in contract that binds you.
  • On-Location Service – It isn’t always possible to move equipment, especially a large one. Only work with a service provider that offers on-location service.

Get your medical equipment calibrated and services regularly but look around before deciding on a service provider.

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