What is the average cost of wedding catering?

From exquisite decoration to the wild dance floor, there's a lot in the wedding celebration

From exquisite decoration to the wild dance floor, there’s a lot in the wedding celebration. You have to take care of several preparations and make sure they don’t mess with the special day. Apart from vows and decoration, your delicious wedding menu needs an extra consideration, which the guests often remember. No matter if it is a brunch celebration, a restaurant-style fancy hosting, or a five-course meal, they’re a lot to the catering options. Here’s a breakdown of the average wedding catering cost so that you know what to expect.

Food and beverages account for the maximum percentage in the wedding menu. Most couples find food a costly affair. A 30% or more of the overall budget is spent on food. On average, the catering matrimoni prezzi as romantically said in Italian or in other words catering wedding price is approximate €970 (or €70 per head). However, the price of food on the wedding day varies across the country. It is extensively determined based on guests invited, the venue you have selected, the category of celebration, and the food choices you have.

Most caterers who offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are part of these packages. The average cost for a wedding in the United States is €40/per person for a plated meal, added with a buffet of €27. Moreover, selecting an option of open bar soar up the prices by €15 per person. The wedding catering cost should add up the tip offered to a caterer, which constitutes 15-20% of the final cost.

When you serve a buffet-style meal, the guests will serve the food themselves, and it will cost you on an average about €50-€100 per person. Family-style catering can be an expensive affair as the waiter will serve the staff and be available for the service. It will cost you anywhere around €120-€150 per person. Serving brunch is the best way to significantly cut down your cost since breakfast foods are cheap and easily available.

Everyone wants to bring an end to the day with a slice of the wedding cake, but how much will it cost you? The estimated cost of a wedding cake is €7 per slice. If you expect 100 guests for your wedding, the average cost will be €700 a cake. Remember this does not include additional charges for cake cutting or venue or serving, which must be €1-€3 per guest.

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