What is Green card and how to get it?

What is Green card and how to get it?

The question “What is a green card?” is one that many people have. When we apply this notion to the United States, we are talking about a document that permits you to reside there. A green card holder gains civil rights, including the rights of a representative familiar with the state’s residents. You can work in the United States with this document.

The application procedure for a residence permit in the United States is routinely delayed because to the estimated 3 million persons who apply each year. However, those who are fortunate enough may be granted a green card.

There are two kinds of green cards in the United States:

  • Permanent.
  • Those who are married or married to a US citizen, for example, are eligible for this sort of green card. If the couple does not divorce after two years and the migration office does not certify the marriage, the marriage green card becomes permanent.

Another way to get a Green Card for Indians and permanently immigrating to the United States is to have your visa sponsored by one of your close relatives. This process falls under the family-based immigration category and is one of the ways the country’s Congress has emphasized the importance of family unification in the American Immigration Act. There are numerous important criteria that need to be met for the person to meet the requirements so that their family relationship qualifies them for family-based immigration, as well as for an individual in this process to fall into the position of a family member able to sponsor the visa.

To be a sponsor, the petitioner must first be a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the US. He must be able to provide documentation that proves his status. A lawful permanent resident, often known as a Green Card holder, is an immigrant who has been given the right to live and work permanently in the United States. It is important that Green Card holders are aware that, under certain circumstances, it may be terminated, revoked or canceled. It is also important that they are fully aware of the requirements for them to remain legally in the US.

Benefits of the US green card

Green card status confers a slew of benefits not available to refugees or those given political asylum. A green card holder can ask their parents to leave the country, travel, and then return to the country. Relatives of green card holders are likewise entitled to anticipate a green card in the future.

Natural immigration rules in the United States are complex, making comprehending them challenging at first. Even the most basic questions are frequently handled by professional legal counsel in the United States.

The program has no end date, and the holder of such status is merely barred from voting in elections. After getting a green card, you can apply for citizenship in 3-5 years. Organizations like USAIndiaCFO make it simple to get a permanent residence in the USA, registering for an incorporate company in USA, filing taxes and providing top-notch CFO services.

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