What Are Umrah Ihram Rules?

Umrah is one of the most important pilgrimages for Muslims all over the world. Neither the hajj nor the Umrah can be carried out without the ihram. All Muslims have to follow certain specific rules of Ihram as they go to Makkah to perform their pilgrimage.

State of Ihram:

Ihram is a divine state that Muslims enter to perform the rituals of Umrah. Ceremonial clothing is chosen that must be worn by every pilgrim, also some cleansing acts are done. Umrah ihram rules help in getting rid of all evil things that seem important in our daily lives.

Wearing ihram also helps in promoting equality among the pilgrims and eliminates differences concerning wealth and societal status. Because of this uniformity of Ihram, no one can tell who is rich and who is poor, this helps in getting rid of vanity.

Ihram clothing:

The conditions of ihram are distinct for men and women. For men, ihram clothing consists of two unsewn sheets of white cloth without buttons, seams, or hems. One of these attires, called Rida, covers the upper half of the body, and one shoulder is exposed. The other half of the cloth is called Izar and it is worn on the waist. Nothing else can be worn and you must use footwear that will leave your ankles and toes exposed.

Umrah ihram rules for ladies dictate that a loose robe that covers the entire body must be worn, the color of clothes can be either black or white. Women aren’t allowed to cover their faces with a burqa or niqab. Their footwear should conceal their entire feet.

Along with wearing these clothes you also have to make the intention of Ihram to enter the state of Ihram. Even a child going on Umrah has to make the intention and get dressed accordingly.

Allowed acts of ihram:

One of the most asked questions is can we enter Makkah without ihram? And the answer is no, you can’t. Ihram is mandatory for all pilgrims. When you enter the state of Ihram, certain things aren’t permitted for you but many acts are still allowed. Following are some of the things you can do in the state of Ihram

  • Using a belt with pockets for your valuable items
  • Using unscented soaps
  • Taking a bath
  • Killing an animal that can hurt you

State of Ihram:

You need to do everything before you board the plane and only leave the intention part for the plane, when you reach Meeqat, you can make the intention. You can’t land at Jeddah airport and then make the intention. You need to enter the state of ihram at Meeqat.

Forbidden acts in the state of Ihram:

  • Using perfume (perfumed soap and shampoo both)
  • Women covering their faces or hand; men covering their head
  • Men wearing any stitched clothing
  • Trimming nails
  • Cutting hair
  • Getting married
  • Any sexual activity
  • Hunting an animal
  • Cutting a tree
  • Killing an insect
  • Smoking or taking drugs
  • Engaging in a fight

When are the restrictions lifted?

All the restrictions are lifted when you perform Sa’ee in Umrah and shave your head. These rules are very sacred and must be followed to the letter, any deviance from these rules will make your Umrah ineligible. Ihram for Umrah is very important and all the rules must be carefully understood.

Hiring a professional travel agency will help in getting all the bits of information you need to have a comfortable pilgrimage. Check Umrah price in Pakistan online and ask the agencies about everything you need to know.

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