What are the Types of Wholesalers?

Wholesalers play an important role in the economy of the country by equilibrating the demand and supply. Formulation of prices also depends on the wholesalers. Due to these reasons, they are considered the backbone of the economy. 

If you have an idea to become a wholesaler, you need to do complete research on it. Fortunately, you are in the right place. Here we will provide you with everything that you need to know about the wholesalers. 

We are going to explain different kinds of wholesalers with respect to their services, specialization and area of dealing. 

With the help of this piece of writing, you can easily choose the right direction for your business.

Let’s start by defining the term of wholesalers in general.

Definition of Wholesalers 

Wholesaler refers to a company or individual, who is involved in purchasing products in bulk quantities at low prices. Then, they resell these products to retailers instead of end-users. 

For example, a person buys eggs in large quantities from the poultry farm. Then sell them to different bakeries. That person is the wholesaler and the process is called wholesale business. 

Types of Wholesalers 

Well, wholesalers are categorized on basis of their services, area, or other specification. Here we have mentioned some major types of wholesalers. 

  • Manufacturer Wholesalers 

Some of the businesses are involved in the manufacturing of the products. They directly contact the retailers and sell their products. They are known as the manufacturer wholesalers. 

They are doing this to increase their profit margin and cut the overhead of other procedures. 

Well, that’s a good idea but not suitable for all types of business.

Only those manufacturers can go with this method, who have to make a few deals. 

  • Retail Wholesalers 

Well, this is the second most common type of wholesaler. As it is clear by the name, they deal with the retailers as well as end-users. 

Except from manufacturing, these wholesalers deal with everything for the sales of products. For this reason, they are also called full-service wholesalers. 

Usually, brands  hire retail wholesalers to expand their operation in new regions.  

Another purpose of these wholesalers is to know the needs and wants of the end-user of the products. 

  • Pure Wholesalers 

Pure wholesalers are exactly what we have explained earlier in the definition. They contact the other manufacturers and producers to buy products in bulk quantities at low prices. They simply resell them to other retailers. 

They have nothing to do with the end-user. In this way, they perform their duty more efficiently. 

  • Agents and Brokers 

Agents and brokers are middlemen who work on the behalf of the company. They bring customers to the manufacturer for dealing. They receive the percentage of commission on the deal.

Agents and brokers commonly work in the real estate or chemical industry. There is little difference between agents and brokers.  

Brokers are attached to parties for a short time whereas agents work for longtime. 

  • General Wholesalers 

General wholesalers are categorized on the basis of the service they render. They select a particular product line and deal with all products that lie in it. 

For example, a wholesaler selects a clothing line for dealing. It includes all the products that lie in this line like women, men and the baby clothing of all brands. That’s why we call them as general wholesalers. 

Specialized Wholesalers. 

As it is clear from its name, specialized wholesalers deal with a particular product. They do have a variety of products but only the selected items. 

Forexample. A wholesaler chooses only men’s shirts for selling. In this case, this wholesaler never deals with other clothing items.  He is a specialized wholesaler of shirts.

Final thoughts 

All the major types of wholesalers are in front of you.  Choose one that is most interesting and beneficial for you. What wholesaler type  will you choose?

The best option to find your perfect wholesaler is the online wholesale platforms.  Here the wholesalers are gathered from all over the USA on a single online wholesale platform. There you can find all types of wholesalers and retailers.  

We suggest you use such platforms to connect with your related field wholesalers. This will be helpful to you for both the sale and purchase process. 

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