What are the types of eco-friendly boxes?

Eco-friendly boxes are popular nowadays as these are trending because many people are conscious about the environment.

Nowadays many people are conscious about the environment. When you turn on the News you will probably hear something about global warming, pollution, etc. Human activities including the packaging can cause much harm to the environment when done carelessly. Eco-friendly boxes are helpful here. They show a brand as responsible and caring about the environment.

When packaging is done carelessly, it can end up in landfills or even go into water bodies. When it goes into oceans, rivers, etc. it can harm the life here. It is vital to avoid this. You also need to choose packaging material that is “safe” for human health and does not have harmful chemicals in it. The following explains the types of eco-boxes that you can get:

Recycled cardboard plus paper boxes

Eco-friendly packaging is available in different materials. You can get boxes made from recycled cardboard. For these, you will not need to use and deplete natural non-renewable resources. Pollution will be less as the boxes will be reused.

Packaging that is made from recyclable materials tends to be useful for the environment. It can limit much garbage as well. Recycled cardboard can be said to be a good packaging material that is simple to employ. A brand can make sturdy boxes with this packaging material. It is important to have strong packaging that will be able to keep the merchandise safe.

Kraft boxes

Kraft packaging is another sustainable material. The type of material that is employed to make the boxes tends to be recyclable. Kraft paper tends to be paper or paperboard that is made from chemical pulp manufactured in the Kraft process. The material is popular because it is strong. This is another type of “green” packaging which is good for the environment and your product as well.

Recycled plastics or bioplastics

Another type of eco-friendly packaging includes recycled plastics. It is necessary to recycle plastics as the material may be employed for other stuff. The material can be used for other packaging requirements.

Recycled plastic is said to be durable. It can handle much moving around. You will not be polluting landfills and water bodies with plastic bottles and other stuff. Bioplastics tend to often be derived from plant-based materials like corn starch as well as wheat straw.

These can biodegradable faster. They cause 70% less greenhouse emissions within landfills in comparison to traditional plastics. This is why they are good for composting. You need to know that these cannot be conventionally recycled as they can contaminate traditional plastics.

Plant fibers

Eco-friendly boxes can be made from plant fibers. Jute, as well as cotton, are good eco-friendly packaging materials. You can make them into reusable tote bags that can wrap your items.

These can be used to give consumers gifts so that they can remember your brand. A brand can encourage the customer base to follow eco-friendly practices as well.

Biodegradable plastic packaging

When you hear about biodegradable packaging or eco-boxes, these are those that have been modified to break down quicker. You can get biodegradable plastics that can do this. It occurs with the presence of heat and even light. Because they still have petrochemicals, these can leave toxic residues that allow them to be unsuited for composting.

Bubble wrap that is made from corrugated material

When wanting to package something sensitive and fragile, you will need cushioning material. If you have Kraft packaging, for instance, you can use corrugated bubble wrap rather than using plastic bubble wrap and Styrofoam.

When it comes to corrugated bubble wrap, this is often composed of 100% recycled cardboard which comes from post-consumer as well as post-industrial waste. This bubble wrap can be recycled and composted.

Reusable boxes

Another type of eco-friendly packaging includes reusable boxes. These are those that can be used again. You can encourage customers to reuse them for different purposes. For example, a strongbox can be employed to package clothes, shoes, etc. when you want to shift homes.

The boxes can be made into different arts and crafts projects as well. You can make toys for kids like a maze, toy fridge, etc. When the packaging is reused it will not be lying around polluting the Earth.

The box should be the right size

Apart from choosing eco-friendly boxes, make sure that they are made following sustainable practices. The box must be the right size so that you do not waste extra packaging material that is not needed. You will be spending more money on this box. It will be heavier so transportation costs will be more as well.

The product should be carefully measured so that the right size box can be gotten. A large box can result in the movement of the product inside. It can get damaged like this. A small box can break and harm the item as well.

Less transportation

The transportation of the eco-boxes also causes pollution. This is why it is better to order in bulk if it helps your brand out. As said above the boxes should be the right size. If they are, you can transport more at once. This will result in less transportation and usage of fuel. You will be saving money and helping the environment as well.

Eco-friendly boxes like those made from Kraft packaging are helpful for the environment. There are different types available. You can choose the best one suited to what you are selling. When choosing packaging material, make sure to get the one that will be best for your merchandise. It needs to keep it safe. Some materials have dangerous chemicals in them and they should be avoided especially when packaging food items. The chemicals can go into these and spoil the merchandise making it unfit to consume.

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