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What Are The Causes Of Stretch Marks?

The unwanted revealing of the different color and texture of strips of the line than your natural skin makes you feel embarrassed. They have become a great concern. One gets these stretch marks commonly on their stomach, thighs, breasts, buttocks, and upper arms. Sometimes, these lines feel itchy. You can consider getting treated stretch mark removal London to acquire even skin.

Causes of Stretch Marks

When your skin gets extended and the level of cortisone hormone increases in your body, stretch marks occur. There are certain causes of stretch marks that appear on the skin. 

  • Mainly, every woman experiences these stretch marks at the time of their pregnancy as their skin stretches to make space for the growing baby. This constant pulling and extending of the skin results in stretch marks.  
  • When any person faces rapid weight gain, stretch marks occur on the different parts of the body. Mainly, the teenagers observe stretch marks because of this sudden change on the skin.
  • Applying corticosteroid creams to avoid the growing of cortisone (generated by adrenal glands) can also result in stretch marks. Taking corticosteroid tablets reduces the ability of body stretching which leads to stretch marks. Avoid using such things for stretch mark removal London.
  • Bodybuilding can also cause stretch marks. The expansion of muscles while working out results in stretching the body’s skin to boost up the muscles. This leads to stretch marks as the muscles need space to extend.
  • Taking a high amount of steroids even as medication for Cushing syndrome can also result in the occurrence of stretch marks. It affects the body negatively and results in causing stretching marks on the shoulders and upper arms.

Prevention of Stretch Marks

Maintaining a healthy weight is considered as the best way to reduce the cause of stretch marks removal London. During the pregnancy period, you should consult your doctor and prefer to follow a proper diet to avoid overweight. Eating well and doing exercise will help you to prevent stretch marks. If you take any steroid, stop its intake. This will not only help you to reduce your stretch marks but also is healthy for you.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

You can opt for undergoing surgery, laser treatment, or chemical peel to effectively remove the stretch marks. The fine lasers reach deep inside the middle layer of the skin and remove the damaged tissue. Besides, it helps to rebuild the skin layer using fresh collagen. You can also opt for applying pure aloe vera gel regularly as a home remedy to heal stretch marks.

These are some of the reasons why an individual faces the problem of stretch marks. Further, you can prevent it by taking a healthy diet and can even treat it medically.  

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