What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Body Armour?

Body armour is a professional requirement for certain professions that involve exposure to high-risk situations. There are different kinds of body armour for different purposes, and as such, even people engaged in security services do not have a uniform type of body armour. Very heavy duty work requires much more protection, while lower level security activities require more of agility than heavy protection; hence the armour is lighter in the second case. However, the need for some kind of body armour is extremely important because it is better to be safe than sorry.

While body armour is often expensive, it is also a basic necessity for certain high risk professions. Sometimes, lawmakers have debated on the viability and benefits of wearing body armour, since it is a significant expense for the state. However, one cannot simply put a price on someone’s life. Some important benefits of body armour can be described as:

  1. It protects people from high risk and dangerous situations.

The most basic benefit of wearing body armour is that it is the first line of defence against any kind of risky operation. While it is true that defence personnel are also equipped with guns and other means of self defence, unless it is coupled with protection against such instruments, it can become pretty meaningless. When it involves safety of troops, body armour is not a negotiable deal. Different kinds of body armour can protect people from different situations.

2. It is available freely now.

Contrary to popular belief, body armour is available much more freely and readily. Common types of armour like bullet proof vests are quite easily available to buy, even for civilians. Tactical body armour cannot be bought by civilians, though, because they require clearance and certification, nor are they suited for non-tactical purposes. With improved technical innovation, body armour is increasingly becoming thinner and lighter, therefore, even high grade protection can be worn comfortably for longer periods by civilians.

3. It is helpful for covert operations.

Body armour is available in both covert and overt styles- they can either be discreet, thus making it easier for the wearer to remain safe; or openly on display. Covert armour can be work under clothes and is extremely useful when it comes to diplomatic and political situations.

4. It is light and comfortable.

A lot of times, body armour is not even considered for certain operations because by default, people seem to think of it as too heavy. Very heavy body armour can hinder movement and in fact, expose the wearer to more risks. Swiftness of movement is an extremely important factor in all risky operations, and if body armour begins to weigh someone down and affect their efficiency, then the operation itself will be endangered. Kevlar vests are lighter and more comfortable to wear, and do not offer the added bulk of tactical gear but at the same time, offer protection that is almost on the same level.

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