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Wedding Trends 2023: What’s In

Weddings are a wonderful time that can bring people together, and if you like to keep up with the latest trends, why would your wedding be an exception? 

After many people had to postpone their wedding or have a less than dreamy event thanks to the pandemic, 2023 has been back in full swing, with the trends to match.

So, if your time has come to walk down the aisle, check out what’s in this year if you want to be on point.

Outdoor Weddings 

Don’t subject yourself and your guests to hot, stuffy buildings, especially if you are looking at summer wedding. This trend is all about getting everyone out in the fresh outdoors. You would have thought that a kibosh might have been put on that due to COVID restrictions, but some may say it has just fueled a fire of love for the great outdoors – a silver lining.

The key to any outdoor wedding will always be to have a plan B in place because of the weather – especially if you are in the UK! Check out these historic wedding reception halls for some great options.

Smaller Guests Lists

Some people will always want to have that big wedding with everyone and their neighbors invited. But for those who prefer a little gathering, you are in luck because that’s what many people are doing this year!

There is a real focus on smaller guest lists and a more intimate experience because, let’s be honest, it is next to impossible to get around everyone at a small wedding, let alone a large one!
The smaller the guest list, the more one one-on-one time you will be able to spend with your friends and family. It is also the perfect excuse not to invite your friend’s children or your cousin’s partner who gives you the creeps. 

Celebrant Weddings

One of the main reasons for getting married, if not the top, is an expression of love. So, if you are not religious, having a traditional ceremony can be a real bummer. Everyone deserves the option to become married no matter their beliefs, which is why celebrant weddings are so important.

And many people clearly agree, as they are becoming more popular by the second.
Just make sure that they are recognized wherever you decide to get married so you can make it official by law.

Late Night Fast Food

If you are expecting your guests to party all night, you better provide late-night food and snacks for energy. Thankfully, many people have already cottoned on that this part of the wedding is extremely welcome, if not for anything but to soak up the alcohol and keep the room from spinning.

Whether you choose a buffet, freshly cooked pizza, or burgers – whatever it is, make sure it is greasy, delicious, and will provide much-needed respite for your guests’ stomachs.

So, there you have some wedding trends to expect for the rest of this year and seeing you into the start of next year.

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